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Thread: What caused you to be AB/DL? (it matters!)

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    Default What caused you to be AB/DL? (it matters!)

    I was a very happy baby and succesfully completed all the stages of early childhood developement...except the last one. My mother became pregnant when I was 4 and went into a pre and post partem depression that lasted for many years. She could not take adequate care of my younger brother, who remained autistic until age 5. Through no fault of her own my mother neglected him severely. She also neglected me and my older brother. I was so lonely for her that I longed for the days of infancy when mom was happy and so was I. I would smell the odors of a nursery and be overwhelmed with sadness and a terrible desire to wet myself and be diapered by any good woman who really cared about me. Mom was not there, and yet she still lived in my house.

    This is the genisis of my own paraphilc infantilism which blossomed in my teens and now is firmly set in my psyche. Did I choose it?...Hell No. Do I like it? No again. Is it my fault, or yours? I say no, what do you say? What caused you to want to do such odd things? Do you know? Tell me.

    "We didn't create all our problems, but we must solve them all." DBT

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    I do't know. I don't have time to read them all. Would anyone care to participate in this one?

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    When you put in the title of a thread, there is a search button you can use to see if there are other threads that are like it, so you don't make more than one...You don't have to read all the threads -__-

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    Thanks for the info Pojo! I will try to do that in the future. Where the hell is the button. I am a dinosaur about computers and especially the internet so bear with me. Oh and just cause I'm curious and I don't want to spend the rest of my evening dicking with this god forsaken button box, do you mind talking to me about the question i posed above? I just want tp talk to someone who knows what its like.

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    Meh, there's other threads, but there's nothing wrong with starting up a fresh discussion about it all again.

    As for me, well, Nothing in my life "triggered" it, It was just always there for as long as I can remember. I simply never got rid of that sort of infantile urge to have a pacifier. I guess at some point I should have got rid of that "urge" for one, but it never happened. Stayed with me all through my childhood, and eventually when I was 13 I bought myself one again, used it, went "ZOMG THIS IZ AWESUM!" and stuff just snowballed from there.

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    I think mine started when I was 7 for a reason. It was the most painful year of my life. My parents got divorced. My aunty celebrated that fact with my father right in front of me. My great grandmother died and I felt like my whole world had collapsed. The night I was going to turn 8 I lay on my bed crying that I didn't want to turn 8. Why? Because I had this funny feeling that life was only going to get worse from then on in. Now I'm 24 and I have to admit I definetely had a point there. So much pain in this world that its nice to rever to being a child again and being looked after by my mummy. I never really had a close relationship to my dad so having a father/daughter relationship would just be too weird for me. But a mother/daughter relationship is what I long for. The safest place when I was a child was in my mothers arms. I used to slip my hand up her sleeve because it was warm in there.

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    Lots of reasons...

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    When this came up before, I heard from Bittergray. I think he is the guru on the subject, and you should look him up. As for me, I was adopted at age 2. In between, I spent some time at the adoptive orphanage. I don't imagine potty training went well. And of course, I changed parents, so who knows. There are a number of theories on this. Some say that early life was hard as in my case, so the past is traumatic, but a place to recreate until you get it right. For others, they believe that their childhood was so good and secure, that as they age and life gets more stressful, they want to go back to where it's safe. Clearly, there are a number of different and complicated reasons. Some even believe we are hard wired to regress.

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    In all honesty, I wish I knew. The only things that were *wrong* in my early childhood was that my dad had a complete nervous breakdown while my mother was pregnant with me. Far back as I have memory retention, she had to be away working night shift in factories to put food on the table. My dad was never the same after his breakdown. I'd dearly love to hear anyone's thoughts as to how those early childhood events could somehow have caused the infantilist (AdultKid) feelings and desires in me.


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