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    Welp, I'm kinda in a pickle. I'm new to regression, and I love it so much! The issue I have is I've only done it when my Daddy was around, and right now he's on a trip to California for a week. I'm sorta afraid to do it alone

    I need some help from any regressing veterans out there! What do you do to keep yourself occupied, and have fun, when regressing by yourself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilPolarBear View Post
    I'm new to regression, and I love it so much! [SIC] I'm sorta afraid to do it alone
    Do the same things you would do with someone there, then explore.

    Many, if not most, people do not have anyone to regress with. You may even find it more liberating to explore this world alone and discover things and areas that you would otherwise overlook.

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    Hmm, that makes sense. I guess I was mostly nervous doing it by myself for the first time. Thanks for the help!

    I'd like to add that Jiffypop helped me a bit on this in chat too. He's a good guy.

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    I wish I could help but I'm kind of in the same boat.

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    I think I'm pretty much all set with my issue BabyJay85, I'll share my thread with you! *smiles*

    Basically I remembered what someone said on the biglittlepodcast (huge props to them, check it out if you get a chance, about your big side being able to take care of your little side. I just remembered that, if I felt scared or anything. The regression wasn't as deep as I went before, but I can tell that it'll get easier with practice.

    Wanna talk about your problem a little more Jay?

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