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Thread: wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

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    Default wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

    ok, i was talking to a friend who is a AB/DL he is my big bro, i asked him what would happen if my diaper would leak and my pants get wet at the mall, he told me he would go and change me and let my in just a cushies diaper and a shirt and walk around the mall in just that, but i dnt know if that is possible i would love to try it but dnt know. wht u guys think?

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    Most people (security included) would probably infer that as public indecency. Whether or not it's actually illegal, I don't know.

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    but there is no law against it. and still im not doing nothing bad

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    Nevertheless, people don't want to see it. Security would probably ban you from the mall for public indecency.

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    If you are covered (genital area), that is all that is required by law as far as I know. If that weren't the case there would be no underwear commercials.

    You may get thrown out, but it would be a mall policy issue and not a legal one.

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    There may be no law against it but you are still on private property and should they ask yo to leave and you decline then you can be arrested.

    Trust me I worked security long enough to know that they do not even need a reason to ask you to leave. You are in their house and must obey their rules.

    Now a public park may be different, but I doubt people would take well to it there either.

    See when I rode with a motorcycle club I found out about something called "going about to the terror of the public" meaning that police can ask you to leave or arrest you to keep public harmony, all they have to do is argue that you were causing a public disturbance, intentional or not. Fair or not disorderly conduct is an easy charge to hold up in court. I saw it and have almost been victimized by it in an instance that I just had to, throw up my arms and leave, all the while knowing that I had done nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebaby17 View Post
    but there is no law against it. and still im not doing nothing bad
    Public nuisance law

    Public indecency law

    If there are laws about adults not allowed to just wear just underwear in public that law goes with diapers too.
    Intent to incite violence or disturbance of peace

    That’s 5 I can think of

    The adult world has allot of laws you just can't do whatever you want

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