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Thread: Back pain and temporary IC

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    Default Back pain and temporary IC

    So some time Monday I hurt my back pretty bad, waited until Tuesday to see docs, I thought it was just from exercising. (Military)

    Anyways I now have temporary IC due to a pinched nerve. I went back to the hospital on base to get it checked out. Doctor said it was part of the symptoms. They put me on 2 days bed rest at home or SIQ(Sick in Quarters).

    This is the first time I can ever remember as an adult losing control of my urine flow. It suck's if you must know. I asked the doctor what I should do about not being able to hold back the urine. He said he could not do anything for me at the military hospital and I should go to the civilian ER. I asked why, he said the military hospital did not have products to help with it and to ask for supplies at the ER.

    I thought about it for a few minutes, as I was still fuzzy. Pain was at a 10 at the time. I then realized what he mint, I had permission to go to a civilian ER and get IC products. Now having a medical need for them made me smile, only a little. I lost a little driving home and did not have protection. When I got home I changed out of my uniform and headed to the local ER.

    When I checked in and stated why I was there. In a short time I was brought back into a room. The ER doc came in and confirmed why I was there and gave me several choices.

    1. Was I could use a plastic bed pan (I declined due to pain in the back, and he agreed)
    2. He then suggested adult briefs.

    I choose those after a brief thought, trying not to seem excited about the idea. Plus the pain I am in wasn’t helping.

    So the doctor says ok and to wait for the nurse.

    Several agenizing minutes later the nurse came into the exam room and handed me two prescriptions. I took them and she said I could pick them up at the local CVS.

    I was not excited yet; the pain was hard to stand as I had not taken any meds yet because I still had to drive.

    From there it was not hard. In the end I had a bag of Depends diapers and underpads for the bed. Paid by the Navy no less. Once I got home and was able to slip one on and finally take a Vicoden I laid down to rest.

    Once the pain had subsided I though back about it all. Did that just really happen? Wow.

    BTW I am now coping with the pain, the pain pills are helping. I just hope when I have my follow up Friday that I will be better. As many have said here on this site, being IC is not fun at all. The loss of control when you wet verses when you want, is two different things entirely.

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    First off, let me say that I hope your back gets better and quickly. I had mine operated on back in '86 and it was no picnic. I went through incredible pain. After the operation, I couldn't pee, and I had to catheterize myself for a month before things started working. Isn't it amazing how in the back of our minds, we'd love to be IC, at least on our own terms, but when it really happens and you hurt like hell and feel like shit, that it's not at all what you were expecting.

    I hope you don't have to have your back operated on, because that opens up a whole other set of problems, as it did for me. Enjoy the diapers, but get well. Having back pain is horrible, and it is something that will now haunt you for the rest of your life. Be careful what you lift.

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    I hope it gets better too. I am about a year out from retirement and don't want this to hold it up.

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    I am so sorry to hear that one of our nations heroes suffered injury. I have a huge soft spot for military personnel.

    I've thrown my back out to the point of barely being able to walk, but I would bear your pain were I able.

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    Thank you for your service to this country. Good luck w your pain. Had neck pain when a guy hit my Hyundai. Three or four deep tissue massages got rid of it for me (plus anti inflammatory and prescription asprin). I got lucky.

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