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Thread: Long Time Lurker saying hello

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    Default Long Time Lurker saying hello

    Hey all, I'm one of those guys who goes through binge/purge cycles with this sort of forum, so I might be really active for a while and then go silent for a month, to return again. This is the start of some activity, I hope.

    I'm a DL in my late teens, one of those dumb fools who wishes he wet the bed so he could have a reason for having all those Goodnites and Underjams around. Alas, I've been a dry sleeper for as long as I can remember. I'm a nerd on the side, I spend all my free time with technology and I love science. So, uh, yeah. That's me.

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    Hello back at 'ya, long time lurker!:wink: Glad you decided to come out of lurkdom. Welcome to the forums, and don't be surprised if you're more active than you expected to be. This place can grow on you.


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    Default welcome

    hi aajaru - glad your back in one of your non purge cycles - i have computer parts on top of everything in the house - every time someone comes over they want to know when i am going to finish that computer - lol it was already built those were just the parts left over from deciding how to customize it - but now i get to wear 24/7 and it no longer matters if i am not a real bedwetter - you will reach a comfort level at some point and your purging will soon dissipate -

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    well said baseball....

    yo welcome to adisc...

    part of me wants to have an excuse to wear since most ppl think its so terrible to be a DL. they'r rather us do medications and screw up our organs if we wanna "feel better" i guess. I wouldnt mind being a bedwetter again. My two cousins wear goodnites and they dont seem to mind bw or wearing. its so kool!
    ~ Will

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    Hi, welcome to adisc . Everybody's really friendly here, so hopefully your purges wont be too long. . Enjoy.

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    Hi aajaru. How'd you get that name? I like it because it has two a's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aajaru View Post
    I'm a nerd on the side, I spend all my free time with technology and I love science.
    Sounds a lot like most of my friends. And... probably me too. Welcome back.


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