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Thread: Well, I'm back!

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    Talking Well, I'm back!

    After at least six months of being off the road map, I've finally decided to come back!

    To all of you who don't remember (Or have Joined since I left), I'm Wingychan, Aka Wingsama or WingsamaTheCaptain. I'm 16, and a boy, and bisexual. I live in North Eastern USA, and go to a boarding school ( Go Preppies! ).

    I'm interested in programming (mainly C++, but dabble in various other languages), gaming (I'll play anything with massive amounts of violence ), biking, cooking, drawing, and anything else that I perceive as 'fun'.

    I'm highly sarcastic and am -very- dramatic, but other than that, I can be very entertaining to talk to. I have an inordinate wealth of obscure knowledge that is astounding to listen to, if you lend me an ear to rant to. If you'd like a chance to talk further in that regard, feel free to send me a PM.

    On to the TB front, I'm TBDL, and a tiny bit sissy. However, I tend to be more of a caretakerish 'big-brother'.

    Feel free to ask me anything~ Or you can PM me if you want, either way.

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    Welcome back. I didn't actually know you were interested in biking. Oops. Well, I learn something new every day.

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