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Thread: Tricycles are for teens/adults now?

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    Default Tricycles are for teens/adults now?

    I may be far behind the loop on this as I do not usually watch commercials, but I recently glimpsed this, and had to search the web to verify what I thought I saw.

    Is anyone exited about this, or is not babyish enough for those of you who age play?

    This gal seems to be getting in touch with her inner child on one.

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    Since I am terrible at riding a bike, I actually own an adult tricycle. Mine is not babyish though, and has a basket in the back that my friends sit in so I can give them a ride. :P Having an adult tricycle is great because it offers the convenience and utility of a bicycle, but easier to use. I remember when I was a little kid and I was watching the Mister Rodger's Neighborhood episode about how adult tricycles were made, and thinking it was so silly that there were tricycles for adults. Now, after several failed attempts at riding a regular bike, I decided a tricycle was the best option. My trike, however, looks nothing like the ones in the videos you showed.

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    I'm guessing yours is more like this.

    I rode one like this at a friend's house who is a paraplegic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    I'm guessing yours is more like this.

    I rode one like this at a friend's house who is a paraplegic.

    Yes. Mine is like the one on the top, but with a basket on the front too.

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    hmm an new american invention trikes for teens hmmm. I personaly like riding my bike , if wouldn't spend money on one tho.

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    I'm on the fence. I doubt I would buy one, but I would ride it and believe have a great time in the process.

    I'm not into the age play scene, but I believe the adult and child can blend without the child being destroyed as we grow and mature.

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    If you're into tricycles like I am (mainly as a collector, but occasional rider), this is a pretty neat site: The Site for Everything Tricycle | Antique and vintage tricycle information, history and identification. It's not really a fetish site, but actually a collector's site. If you spin the tricycle ad around you'll see some newer adult trikes as well as children's trikes. There's also history pages of various tricycle manufacturers over the years with tricycle and head badge examples in photos submitted by collectors and the site owner. I've submitted a few of those photos from my collection. The site also has a trike Q&A blog if you have any tricycle-related questions.

    My oldest tricycle is an early 1930s Toledo with 20" front wheel. It's large enough to be easy for a smaller adult or teen to ride and plenty sturdy. Not like many of the flimsy children's trikes made today.

    EDIT: Here's a pretty neat adult tricycle having similar elements as found on children's trikes...even a rear step plate for carrying a friend just like you did as a child:

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    The ones in the videos seem to be unicycles with training wheels as a comment in the first video said. Anyways the only trike I'd want is the ones that let you pedal with your hands/arms. I could then ride AND get a amazing workout. However if I were to buy one of those I'd also want foot pedals as well.

    I am sure I couldn't ride as far using my arms rather then legs. So alternating them would be a lifesaver.

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    We have a number of adults riding tricycles on the road. You sort of lay down in them. I wondered if they had back problems. Since my wife is starting to walk again, I went on line to price a tricycle and I found a double seater tryke. It has three gears and a differential so two riders can pedal in different gears and at different pedal rates and it translates it to the rear wheels. The only problem is that it costs. 1200 dollars.

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    HATE 'EM! I see all the idiots in their recumbent trikes taking up the entire right lane, dicking along at leisure at 2 MPH, and all I want to do is mow them down in my 92 Mazda pickup. /rant

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