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    Well, I was reading tech news on my phone...and I came across an article about a new search engine, which claims to have the most pages indexed of any search engine. "Cuil" was created by ex-Google employees. certainly looks pretty, but does it preform as well as our favorite search engine, Google? No.

    I searched "" on Cuil, and this site was on the second row of results.

    When I searched "" on Google, however, the very first result was this site.

    -Very tidy
    -Loads as fast as google.
    -Faster ping from my computer.

    -Search results are not as refined as Google
    -Can't customize my results (i.e. English pages only)
    -Can't use certain operators ("OR", "AND", "+")

    Final Words:
    -If Cuil can make my results more relevent to what I search, then it will definitely become my favorites search engine.

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    FWIW, do not click on the first result that comes up for Major shadiness.

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    I just found myself a new homepage ^^

    I was sick of google anyway, and this website offers the same thing, but in a nicer lay-out

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    Most of the results I got were all phishing fact over HALF were

    I'll try it out, it has a nice clean front page, but I won't switch from google quite yet...

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    I used cuil once, But they didn't really give any relevant results. And to be honest it was really confusing. Like half of the search engines out there. They just plaster loads of test boxes, its hard to know where you should really be looking at. Its much Neater and easier to know what you should be looking at. Plus it several steps ahead of cuil with so many other features built as well as top notch performance, accuracy and relevant results wise.

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    I use Yahoo mainly since it gets the job done just as fast or faster then google.

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    i have read about the new site on google news - but i have not tried it yet so i will not comment until i do try it - most of what i read sez they will have a hard time over coming googles inroads and advertising but you just never know -

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    Cuil needs some work. I think with more use it will turn into reasonable search engine. Supposedly its searches more pages then Google. It could be a contender some day but it has a long hard road ahead of itself.

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    The problem with cuil is, they seem to've got the wrong end of the stick as to what makes a good search engine. Yes, number of indexed pages is going to contribute to how good the engine is, but in terms of the algorithms which categorise and calculate relevance... Cuil is severely lacking. The reason google's so popular isn't because of how big the index is (though that helps), it's the fact that time and time again they've kept the algorithms which determine relevance ahead of everyone else. It was founded with the best methods, and it's maintained that high standard. Cuil, to me, seems like yet another google wannabe which immediately seems to offer something amazing over other engines, but fails to meet one's expectations.

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