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Thread: Bedwetting & Wetting pants

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    Default Bedwetting & Wetting pants

    I stopped wetting the bed by accident when I was barely 3 with the exception of a few isolated incidents up until about the age of 7. I guess I was just blessed with a very large/strong bladder. But when I was a kid, I got really turned on by my friend who wet the bed, and I always wanted to see his wet diapers when I went on sleepovers or boy scout camps with him. He actually appreciated it because most kids would have made fun of him for it.
    Well, my AB/DL fetish started out with purposely wetting my pants when I was only about 6, and purposely wetting my bed when I was 12. At 13 I started with diapers more out of necessity to hide my activities than as an actual interest in diapers, but this soon led to me being a diaper lover.
    So anyway, to this day, I'm still turned on by just wetting the bed or wetting my pants, even if there's no diaper involved, but I'm also really turned on by diapers, especially if it's almost leaking.
    I find though that most people are either strictly interested in urine (i.e. with no clothes on) or with wearing diapers and urinating/defecating in seems like there aren't a whole lot of people who share my specific interests...

    Anyways, just thought I'd share that, since not too many people know me on this forum. Wondering if anyone else shares those specific kinds of interests, or can relate to my childhood?

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    Growing up, I had a lot of pants wetting accidents and oddly enough I think I enjoy wetting my pants or seeing others do it.

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    I'm the exact same way, except for the wetting on purpose part. I've just never had the courage to do so.

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    I have the same things, accidents when I was younger and more recently I started "enjoying" seeing people wet themselves and, if I find the time and courage, wetting myself. I guess the main difference is that it happened in public when I was young and I'd never want that again, but I do enjoy the feeling.

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    Growing up an a farm I had plenty of opertunities to just wet my pants and I took advantage of it a lot. I would often put on 3 or 4 pair of underwear and wet then when out doing chores, was always a convient way to explain how my pants got wet, one of my favorite things to do was during haying season. I would wet myself while stacking hay on the hay wagon, being outside in the hot weather my pants would dry off very fast and no one was the wiser.

    I still enjoy wetting myself when not wearing a diaper, I just have to be more carefull where and when I do it now, there have been times when I am the only one on duty at work and I find myself wetting my underwear a little bit every time I go use the restroom. I will wet myself just enough to get the front of my underwear wet and finish peeing in the urnial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zake View Post
    I find though that most people are either strictly interested in urine (i.e. with no clothes on) or with wearing diapers and urinating/defecating in seems like there aren't a whole lot of people who share my specific interests...
    For me, what's great about wetting is the fact that the feeling of shame is so sudden and unexpected. I mean, if you're wearing a diaper, everyone knows what you're going to do in it. But when you wet your pants (or bed) as a toddler (or as a *T), you have the sensation that you were trying to be a big kid but failing, and it's especially embarrassing in public... I also find that wetting training pants is amazing because the feeling comes with the best of both worlds, especially if it leaks!

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    I also enjoy the feeling of being naughty when I wet my bed when not diapered knowing full well I could have and should have gotten up and used the toliet.

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    I too like to wet my pants. I often wet a little bit on the way to the potty, sometimes I "leave a little" for my pants when I'm done. When I'm alone I like to do a whole wetting in my pants, sometimes I wet multiple times before changing, or let it dry and wet again. I have also wet my bed with no diaper. I enjoy the feeling of being wet (one problem with disposable diapers is you don't feel the wetness, although I sometimes wear one and wet until it leaks), and I too like the naughty feeling of going to the potty where I'm not supposed to. Someone mentioned training pants, I would love to get some adult training pants, but they cost too much.

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    Funnily enough I recently remembered something that I used to do just before I hit puberty: I'd sometimes purposely drink a load until my bladder was almost ready to burst, then sit on the toilet wearing my pants (sometimes more than one pair), and just let it all go. I still hadn't discovered masturbation back then, and I'm not even sure what drove me to do it... all I remember is it felt warm and nice.

    Of course now I use nappies, but I still find urine a turn on so I may experiment more with watersports in the future.

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    I have similar interests. I am kind of into omorashi, which is basicall a term for pants wetting.

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