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Thread: Peeing while lying down/in bed. help?

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    Default Peeing while lying down/in bed. help?

    When ever I wear and need to go pee in my diaper in bed i find that i can't just let myself go instead I have to get out of bed and pee standing. I could see at least for me peeing lying down wouldn't be too hard to comprehend except for the fact that i always think my diaper can't handle it. So basically what I'm asking is do i need to worry about leaking when lying down? If i were to do so i would only pee while lying on my back or stomach. By the way i would only pee lying down when wearing a high quality diaper like the one shown as my avatar Abri-Form M4.

    If anything could you please give me optional precautions i could take so i don't leak onto my bed?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    You're probably having trouble peeing while lying down precisely because you're worried about leaking while lying down. Do you need to worry? Well, if you don't want to get your mattress wet, then yes! I am not a bedwetter, but I'd figure that any routine bedwetters will either protect a mattress properly or be prepared for their mattress to get wet (eww stinky). If they don't diaper up before bed, and/or fall asleep somewhere else, they have to be prepared to clean up the possible mess. And if their diaper doesn't provide adequate protection, they would start buying a more capable size/brand. My guess is that an Abri-Form M4 is probably quite adequate, though you still need to worry.

    I notice you're a TB. Unless you are prepared to explain the demise of your mattress and offer to pay for a new one (which would logically also get ruined), what you call "optional precautions" are mandatory: Sleep on something waterproof. Noisy mattress protectors are cheap, absorbent bed pads are medium-priced, and the really nice waterproof mattress covers with low crinkle-noise and nice padded tops are a little more expensive. Or, try my portable solution: wear a pair of sweatpants under a pair of vinyl workout pants - though they're kinda hot and uncomfortable. Then you won't need to worry so much, and once you've experienced several successful but intentional sleep-wettings, perhaps your body will relax.
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    Trust your diaper. I can lay back and wet in my 24/7's and my abena x- plus without any problem. I would start to wet while laying down and if I got worried I would stop for a second to check and make sure I wasn't and then start to go again till I felt comfortable and gained trust in my diapers. It takes time. You will get there.

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    Beta made a comment while we were trying to get her able to wet even standing that I never thought of before. Potty training puts us into a heavy behavioral conditioning that anywhere that is not the bathroom = don't pee. So to get her able to wet at first required us to stand in the bathroom. But now that we've broken that conditioning, she is able to wet outside the bathroom. My point is consider try laying down on the bathroom floor. Granted it isn't your bed, but it'll get you accustomed to urinating while laying down, which is another conditioning we've been taught to not do (aka wetting the bed). But as far as your diaper being able to take it, the Abena X-pluses should be fine if they're dry beforehand or not heavily wet already.

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    I would just recommend going out and buying some disposable plastic bed sheets. Pharmacy like CVS and Walgreen sell them. They come in packs of like 20 and cost around 10-14 bucks as far as I have seen. They are for incontinence and will take multiple wetting as long as your diaper will adsorb the leak. I have never had a an issue with my bed being wet with one.You just can't flip over or your wet diaper will touch your dry covers.

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    Another note, is the safest way to wet is probably on your back, making sure your "equipment" is pointed down. The only times I ever leak is if the urine comes up the side of the diaper. I do not trust side wetting at all, and unless I have a barrier baby diaper in the front, I don't trust belly wetting either as I usually leak a smidge anyway, Just get a mattress pad. It will save you the stress

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    Hi Roadkill,
    I imagine you are male although you don't actually say. Be carefull if lying on your side, which would actually be easier but disposables don't have a lot of side protection and can leak badly. I use a washable bed pad beneath me (although I don't have a problem wetting due to health problems). If you are a male, certain muscles, especially those around the bladder and pelvis don't like to work when we are lying flat, soo simple pelvic floor exxercises will help, as will having a very full bladder. A couple of other things to try rtajer than getting out of bed is to turn over so you are on your hands and knees but still on the bed, you may find you can then get started. Try sitting up slightly in bed with a lot of pillow support to put you into a more "normal" position. If you have a very full bladder try the pelvic floor excercises, (which is basically trying to pull your bottom up) at the same time, it can act to squeee the bladder and may get you started, and if your bladder is very full you may find all you need to do is to start a dribble that hoepfully will turn into a flood.

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    When I lie down, I pee in short spurts to prevent leaking. The only diaper I would flood in laying down would be Dry 24/7 maybe Abrifrom M4s/L4s. Bambinos are ok depending on the size of your void.

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    when i peed in my bed while lying down the pee all came out the back top...the diaper didnt catch it fast enough...
    so small squirts work but a long lol

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