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Thread: Cots and Cribs availability in the UK

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    Question Cots and Cribs availability in the UK

    Long story short, it looks like I can get a cot in my bedroom (I'm a graduate student now, so living back with the parents), so I'm looking at my options.

    I understand the only real manufacturer in the UK is, however the photos on the website don't show the product in a flattering light: the photos of the cot shown make it seem it was made from stair bannister parts. I'm after something more authentic that better resembles a real cot, like this: Click image for larger version. 

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    I know two other adult cot makers, however they don't market to the infantilist crowd, they are Cotswold Cots and Theraposture. Unlike the sad, sad people we read about in the news who fake profound mental disability to get nursed by someone I would be totally up-front about who the cot is after (me) and why (because I'm an infantilist), but I don't know how they'd take up the offer (money is money, but I don't want to block the queue if someone who really needs one is waiting because of me).

    FWIW, I don't want a single-sized cot, because I want room for my plushies (they're on the large size), but I'm wary of a Prince or Double-sized cot dominating my room too much. I'm interested to hear about cots that can "transform" into looking more like a bed (I'm guessing simply by removing the sides with bars).

    Does anyone here have cots or cribs, can you show-off photos of them so I can get a general idea how they turned out?


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    Have you thought about a day bed? For example, this bed in Ikea could be pushed against a wall to make a pseudo crib? Only thing is they are single beds - but you might be able to find a double equivalent?

    Also, I remember when I was a child having some bed guard on the side of my bed facing the room - so I didn't roll out of it. If you put that on the other side of the day bed you'd be making a fairly close equivalent to a crib.

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    Afaik day beds only really come in singles since doubles are to deep. That said technically a single is the closest in size to a scaled up crib,doubles are huge by comparison and more like a big play pen.

    I've seen some people in the USA that do reasonably priced adult cribs but the shipping for something like that over seas is probably a pain in the ass and mind bogglingly expensive.

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    I know that Nanny Margaret, who owns Cosy N Dry has an adult crib which looks very babyish. There are also a number of AB nurseries in the UK (I can't link to them as they are 18+, but you could google them) which have babyish cribs. Perhaps you could try emailing them and asking where they got their babyish cribs. They may be able to recommend an AB friendly supplier. You could also email and ask if they are abl;e to do custom orders - if you have a number of good photos/pictures/sketches etc of your ideal crib they may be able to make you something suitable.

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    TheOriginalSomeThing there is another way to go and that is to use a true baby crib/cot if you want the true baby feeling. I have been using one for the last five years. Its warm comfortable (a little short maybe) but it’s great.
    There are some key things to look at if you want to get a baby crib/cot! It is important to get a crib/cot that will take your weight. Let me know if you want the info

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