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Thread: Hello, I'm new so here's an INTRO

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    Default Hello, I'm new so here's an INTRO


    My name is Chocobo114 and don't ask me why I chose that name, I guess you could say I like Final Fantasy games,lol. Actually, I do enjoy them and chocobos, if I spelled that right, are pretty awesome.Most of you could probally guess why I joined this sight and you would be correct, I love diapers and really have know idea why. Sometimes I wish I didn't but there's just no way I could leave them alone for an extended period of time. I think I'm more of a DL than anything but who knows maybe I could be a little AB.
    But the diaper side of my life is not the only thing that follows me around. Growing up I was always a techy and still am but I'm not the guy who sticks to a computer screen all day. I do like to get a little sun and when I decide to do so, I practice my golf game(when I have money), snowboard, I love to fish, and as of right now I'm just learning to wakeboard. I really just like to be outside whenever I can.
    I'm lookinng to possibly make new friends, although some people in this community have a habit of freaking me out,lol. I hate going to sites like this and witness gruesome diaper pics... Anyways, make some friends, and feel more comfortable with myself by getting myself out there. So if anyone has any suggestion on how I can get the most of this site please tell me, I want to know. Thanks

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    What's your favorite FF game. I'm fond of 6.

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    I don't really know, I haven't played them all but out of the ones I have played, FF9 and 8 were the ones I enjoyed them most. Never played 6 or 7 but heard they were good too, maybe better.

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