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    Barnboy here. I have been a member but never posted. I am in my mid 40's and have enjoyed wearing diapers for the last 5 or so years. I am a DL but never been or interested in being an AB. I enjoy disposable diapers for the sheer enjoyment of wetting, wearing and what ever else happens after that. My wife knows about my secret but does not fully understand it, but can tolerate my passion in small doses (meaning once or twice a month at best).

    I am in outside sales and have always worked well with others. My other interests include real estate, land investments, as well as raising tropical freshwater fish.

    I am looking to read up and enjoy other people with like interests and realizing my secret is not so unusual. My fantasy would be for my wife to enjoy my passion in diapers and I get excited with the thought of her one day fully sharing in this with me.

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    Hi there, welcome to the site! You're very lucky to have a (somewhat) understanding wife - it's a lot more than most!

    When I was a kid we used to have tropical fish - I particularly loved what we called x-ray fish - they were see through!!!

    I hope in time you come to realise that there are definitely more of us than we first thought! Although I must ask, have you always had an inkling you were into diapers, or just suddenly wanted to 5 years ago? Sounds like an interesting story may exist here!

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    I guess I am kind of lucky, but she really is not into it at all. I am at the point where I secretly will put a diaper on after showering before bed and in most cases won't even tell her until the next morning when I am very wet. It really depends on her mood (and mine) as to how far I go with it with her. She works in retail so her hours are different than mine and in many cases, she has to work on weekends which is the only time I am able to enjoy wearing a diaper late into the morning. So it usually ends in me being alone and many cases, she is not even aware I slipped one on the night before.

    As for my story, I always had an attraction (since puberty) to putting things that felt comfy by my private area. Believe it or not, I used to raid my moms feminine protection pads and walk around aroused with it in my underwear (with eventual results to follow if you know what i mean). I kind of passed that stage as I got older and experimented with adult diapers a few times but I was always embarrassed when purchasing in the store as well as being afraid of being caught. I never really got it too wet, since Depends (all that was available easily) couldn't hold that much before leaking and my arrousal took over and once i was done pleasuring myself, i wanted it off. It really wasn't until much later on, when I was living with my now wife and her two kids, one of which was still in diapers at the time, did i get the urge again to experiment. First it was just feeling it on my body, too small of course to wear. My wife was taking care of my sexual needs and there was about a 5 year period of not doing anything or even wanting to with a diaper. Then my wife got pregnant and my thoughts wandered again to other ways of arousal. When my son was born, diapers where everywhere and it was a natural progression for me to join in. My wife was somewhat understanding, especially with the rough schedules we had that a little play time for me was allowed. She knew I got sexual pleasure from it and as long as i didn't exclude her from being "taken care of" we made the best of the partnership. I usually waited until her monthly cycle to come and then would convince her to wear an adult pull up which is what her doctor recommended after my son was born to help with the afterbirth and bleeding associated with child birth. I think in the last several years, with my age and needing to re-leave myself several times during the night, really helped progress my adventure and I would use it as an excuse to wear a diaper, of course with a pleasurable ending for me every time. It always is better though if my wife can put it on for me (rare now) as well as "take care of my sexual needs" when it is very full and wet. The feeling is unbelievable and I am sure to reward her with a great oral session. Lately she seems more and more reluctant to wear one herself and I am afraid that my time sharing this experience with her will be very limited. It is probably the main reason I joined this site and hope to get some ideas as well as hear and share like minded experiences. As my intro expressed, I am not into dressing or acting out as a baby. I just love the feeling of wearing and filling up a diaper and then sexually releasing when it can't hold anymore. Long story, but it felt good telling my story for the first time.

    As for fish, my tank has dwindled down over the years to a pair of very large Silver Dollars (over 4" in length) and some various tetras that keep the tank alive with motion. I had a beautiful golden-red Parrot Fish that was my prize possession for about 8 years, but it got sick one day (my fault for neglecting the water change for too long) and I lost him. Every since then, I have been searching for a replacement but have yet to find the "right" one.

    Looking to hear about other peoples experiences.

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    Thank you for sharing you story for us, I agree it does really feel good to get it off your shoulders for the first time.
    This is a very interesting situation you have, one that I bet a lot of us are going threw, or will have to. My simple advice would be to have as honest and upfront about your desires as possible. You seem to have a good foundation for some fun times, but she needs to know they are important to you. Anyway, welcome to the site Barnboy

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