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    Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong catagory idk where it would fit haha. But I have a problem I have hair around my butt in the back by the crack and in the hole. Yeah kinda awkward telling everyone. But idk what to do about this I really want it gone because it is uncomfortable and when I have a poopy diaper some gets stuck in the hairs. Thanks .

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    I read a forum about this and from answers I saw...
    Its really according to you. But people say do not shave it... if anything, cut it shorter.
    But... like I said, its up to you.

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    I recommend using an electric razor with the beard trimmer. Trimming with that gives you a close enough shave without being so close as to cause irritation or itchiness. Works for me at least. Good luck.

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    I use a razor and never had problems with cuts or irritations. (well a little bit of an itch right after shaving maybe)

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    I shave it, and as long as you don't go over the same area a whole bunch of times trying to get it baby smooth, you should be fine. If you do go over the same area 10 times, you'll wind up with some razor burn, which is humourously similar to diaper rash.

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    I don't really have this problem so much but the few times I have shaved I used a razor. Just do it while you shower.

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    I use a razor to keep that spot clear. I use a multiblade so I can make less passes.

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    Alright guys thanks! Seems like its gonna hurt like crap though.

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    If you do it wrong and over do it you are going to have a puss bubbled rash right where all the hair was.

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    Yeah, I shave every day so as to avoid itching. I always keep a second razor for the nether regions. Before, I used to use bar soap to lather as this helped keep the area clean, but now I just use sensitive shaving cream. I have never had a problem with rash back there, but part of the reason is I learned a long time ago to make sure the strokes of the razor are easy and light. Do NOT push the razor into your skin forcefully. After two weeks or so, the skin is toughened. Using a loofah also helps toughen the skin.

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