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    I see meany people asking question about Snugs. 1 yes there are for sale in Canada Toronto, Ont or ebay for that mater I have bought over 100 of these diapers and must say I love them they are supper soft and even better with a Abri-Let Maxi capacity booster as well they smell grate as for the small incontrol is sold out at this time as I have bought the last of there sock.
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    Thanks. I would however, encourage you to make an in depth review (read: article) if you could manage it. What you initially put here sounds kind of hasty and somewhat vauge. Good god man you have a lot of diapers.

    Welcome to ADISC by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity View Post
    Good god man you have a lot of diapers.
    I was thinking the EXACT same thing...
    a bed FULL of diapers.
    lol it makes me think: "There are $100s of dollars worth of diapers there. If someone broke in, would they steal them?" XD

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    lol honestly id be shocked if i broke in someones house and found all those diapers, you know from a normal persons standpoint theyd run out of the house screaming

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    I live in the USA ( Illinois to be exact) and where can I buy these??

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