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Thread: Bulking up your nappy (diaper's)

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    Default Bulking up your nappy (diaper's)

    Do any of you babies or DL's like to wear a bulky nappy, as I think all the new ones that you buy now are way to thin, so I love to bulk my nappy up with 2 real babies nappies taking off the backing first then placing inside of my adult nappy. Best times to do this is when going to bed and you will be more protected and wake up nice and wet or I will do this in the evenings when I know no one will be coming around , love going around the house with just a bulky nappy and my best baby winnie the pooh t-shirt.

    What do you put inside of your nappies (diaper's) to make them bulky or more wettable?

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    It can be easier to get a velco-style cloth diaper and just wear it over the disposable or plastic pants.

    You probably won't have to wash it every time and it very quickly makes things a lot bulkier

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    I like doubling up with drynites or an adult diaper with a baby nappy booster.

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    I do use terry nappies with baby print plastic pants, as I think terry's are the best night time nappy, I use to use a nappy booster from the local boots chemist but don't sell them no more and can't see them in any other shops, but I just found the muslin baby cloth nappy is ok for a socker, or I use to use a small towel as a socker or a big bath towel for a nappy when I was younger.

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    I went though diaper after diaper trying to find one that would not leak as I wet in it

    who as the best/most absorbent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KcBabyJosh View Post
    who as the best/most absorbent?
    most absorbant would have to be Abena (because its also comewhat affordable) but if you are looking for a $3 USD diaper, then there is one on ABU called the Fabine Exclusive that supposedly holds 9 pounds (4.1 kilos) of liquid. This is over a gallon of whatever XD

    the best is up to the user as everybody is different
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    When I wear disposables, I normally use a baby diaper as a stuffer, prepared by slitting or pinwheeling the front and tearing off the sides.

    However, cloth is my first choice of diaper, and with cloth, I just add more layers of cloth.

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    When I want a extra thick diapers I just doubble or tripple the adult diaper I am wearing depending on the brand.
    The more adsorbant brands I doubble up, but seldom get enough time to comletely soak the doubbled diaper.
    The less exspencive diapers and less adsorbant I always doubble and some times tripple layer them and have no problem wetting all layers within 6 hours of putting them on.

    I enjoy a thick bulky diaper under sweatpants when going out shopping, no need to look for a restroom when I have to go, I just go and go about my shopping.

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    The diaper's I use whenever I don't have anything else. (because i can buy both these things at a wall greens 5 min from my house) are a depends max and a pampers size 6 with the sides ripped off and a cut down the center, with the pampers stuffed inside the depends. It makes the depends much thicker and actually feels like a real diaper, it can hold a lot more too. =)

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