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    I have been an Adult baby for many years, as a kid I wet the bed till I was 10 or 11 and wore pull ups as a remedy but as I turned older I just kept wanting to wear my diapers as a security net I guess, when I finally was able to work and get out on my own I made it almost a priority to always get to the store and obtain the comfort I grew to love, through out high school and especially since I lived on my own. I try to wear ever chance I get mostly at night, I just recently moved and am trying to find new friends, there were not many AB/DL's in Kentucky

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    Hello CmgAbyby! Welcome to I hope you do make friends in Kentucky. What non-AB/DL interests do you have?

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    Hi CmgAbyby!, Welcome to ADISC! im so jealous im not in USA, im in Dominican republic A.K.A place where ABs/TBs/DLs and or Baby/Diaperfurries doesnt exist!

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