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    Does anyone not IC have a plastic sheet on their beds? When I was in Job Corps, they had plastic sheets on all the beds. While I was there I had no diapers of course and I had 4 roomates. The pretty loud crinkling of them made me crave diapers so badly. On the weekend 2 of my roomates went home for the weekend and the other 1 would be out all day. Once in a while I would stuff a towel (my own) in my underwear and pretend I was wearing a real diaper by making the crinkle in the sheet. I started thinking a lot about getting a plastic sheet for extra crinkling with my real diapers on.

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    Although I don't have one currently on my bed, I usually buy the vinyl mattress protector, unfortunately though the vinyl dries out over time and starts to crack and break. I usually have to replace it every 3 months or so. The nice thing about the vinyl is that it sounds just like a crib mattress when it crinkles.

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    I just replaced the one on my bed a couple of weeks ago. It's not as noisy as the last one, but I do like having it there in case of leaks, and I do like the feel of it under the sheet!

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    I've got one of those woven plastic mattress protectors - cheap and very effective. It doesn't make the authentic crinkle, but still quite a nice slippy hissing noise.

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    I have had a bedwetting problem since forever, well before any continence issues, and so I've always had a plastic sheet on my bed. Major problem is that it makes the actual cloth sheet on my bed come off easily. Diapers are so much easier...

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    Yes I have water resistant mattress protectors because of my bed wetting, but not that loud, if anyone as a Wilkinson's shop, the Silentnight Waterproof Mattress Protector are good for your money. Silentnight Waterproof Mattress Protector Double | Protectors | | Mattress Protectors from Wilkinson Plus

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    Yes I have a cheap vinyl sheet on my mattress to provide that authentic feel. It feels really smooth and rustles nicely. Unfortunately though it's quite thin, and I already ripped the corners when I changed the sheets! Also it can be annoying in hot weather (like now) as any sweat can't escape as easily - but knowing that my mattress is protected from any 'accidents' makes it worth it.

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    I have a Martex fully enclosed mattress cover on my bed, more comfortable that vinyl and takes care of those very wet nights.

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    I have a plastic sheet, and have had for most my life (until I was about 14 due to bedwetting issues until I was ~10, and after since I was 17 for... other reasons ^^ ) and at this point it feels weird too sleep without them. I just love the sound and the feel of 'em. That and it allows me not to worry about leaks

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