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Thread: Disposing of used diapers in public?

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    Default Disposing of used diapers in public?

    I'm sure somebody is fairly knowledgable on this subject.

    By the topic, disposing of diapers in public, I mean disposing of diapers outside of your house. Such as when you're at the mall, or in any other public area. Let's say, for the purpose of the topic, that your diaper is in dire need of changing. You would obviously go into a public restroom for that, but... how/where would you dispose of the old one?

    Just wondering in case I ever encounter this. The diaper obviously cannot go into the women's sanitary disposal bin in the cubicle because it most likely wouldn't fit. This option is also even less likely for a male. =P

    So what do you do with it? Do you pop it into a plastic bag and carry it in your backpack/carry case and throw it away later? Do you not bother and just wait until you get home to change?

    What would you do? Or, what do you do in this situation?

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    I just roll my used diapers up and toss them in with the regular trash. Public trash cans are typically emptied on a very regular basis... so it won't be in there for very long.

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    'Cos my parents would see them in the rubbish this is all I can do. All it involves is carrying a plastic bag with you. Put the diaper in it the put it in a bin.

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    I also think putting it in a plastic bag then chucking it in the trash can is the best bet. You never know if someone is going to be going though your pack and be "Nasty there is a used diaper in there!"

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    bagging it and chucking it into any trashcan you see is the best bet imo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    You never know if someone is going to be going though your pack and be "Nasty there is a used diaper in there!"
    That's my thought. Plus it starts to stink after a while.

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    I never put my used diapers in a restroom trash can, but when I take a a good wet diaper, I roll it up and useing the plastic part with the tabs, I tie it as tight as I can and tuck the tabs in and it makes a neat little heavy package.

    But I do use public, mostly McD's outside trash can, and the gas station trash cans, I take at least 2 diapers and put them in one of those plastic bags you get at the grocery store, tie it and put it in the back of my truck when I go to eat, or for gas.

    On the week I put out trash, I just use my own trash bag, I don't put out a bag every week and if I waited untill I put out trash (for me every 3 weeks or so) the bag would be to heavy.

    I figure I go to McD's everyday, that is the least they could do for me.

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    i almost always carry a plastic bag on me. just roll it up and toss it in any garbage can

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    Simple I light the on fire D:.
    But no if I had to I would just put it in the trash.

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    just carry 2 plastic bags with you. Put the used diaper in 1 bag, squeeze the air out of it, tie it, and then put that bag in the second plastic bag. Less smelly, and thers less chance of people seeing the diaper through the bags.

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