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Thread: Getting too comfortable.

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    Default Getting too comfortable.

    Ok I know I don't really keep up with the forums, and you guys usually only see me when something random happens to me (Sorry...), but I was wondering if anyone else here seems to have gotten too comfortable when wearing.

    I've been wearing a lot more in the past 5 months, usually every other night, and I've been sleeping in them, going out in public, and have gone to work wearing.

    A few hours ago I was at Walmart checking out at the register, and I wet my diaper while talking to the cashier. It completely took me by surprise, and I let out a little gasp. It kind of just snuck up on me. Another related instance of this is that I've been getting used to sleeping while wearing. Now for most of you this probably isn't much of a problem, but I'm only 19 and still living with my parents and 4 siblings. I don't know, I don't mean to fall asleep while wearing, but I will wake up and they are still on. A few days ago I wasn't wearing pants or any sheets, so if they would have come into my room before I woke up, I would have been screwed.

    I'm not so much complaining about this, I do enjoy diapers lol, but was wondering if anyone else has gotten "too comfortable" with wearing.

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    Hi, Nikki. I have long been "too comfortable" with wearing, but since I live alone, there is not much for me to worry about when I am at home. I am still kind of apprehensive when I am wearing out in public, people still scare me a little bit when I am wearing outside the safety and comfort of my home.

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    Hello Nikki,

    I also can share these feelings with you. Of course, my family knows that I do this to myself and I only need to focus on keeping it private when at home. Yet, I still have boundaries I will not cross--wearing to a work interview or leaving my bedroom door open, for instance.

    The one thing I've definitely noticed is that nobody except yourself will really notice your diaper under your clothes. I've worn diapers around my best friend/lover on more than one occasion, and despite that he knows I wear them he still cannot tell I'm wearing unless I tell him.

    However, people will notice your body language. I used to walk differently and act more agitated/nervous when wearing diapers, and my mother could tell instantly. As I've become more comfortable with wearing diapers and as this has become integrated into my regular body language, the line has been blurred. I walk and act differently from years ago, but it's become part of my normal lifestyle; regardless of whether I'm wearing or not, I still come across as the same person for the most part.

    So, I've come to understand--at least for myself--that my level of comfort can determine my level of concealment to an extent. Granted, sleeping with my pants off while the bedroom door is open to the rest of the house is asking for trouble. Still, so is putting on diapers for an unfamiliar and/or high-stakes public situation for danger of my body language attracting attention to myself.

    In the end, it depends on your barriers. Know where they are, and only expand them if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, just don't cross them.

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    Lately, I put on a diaper every day right after work, but that particular day I was only wearing training pants. Only when the pee went down my legs did I realise that I just peed (and leaked) but thanks to the leather pants it was not visible. I liked it though, it confirmed my little boy status.

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