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    Hi all,

    Recently I have known that for our kids exist, more than the ecological washable diapers, indian corn diapers made of mater-bi o pla; it is the material that the bags you use to collect the moist of the sorted waste collection are made of.

    The only I have found are made only for the 80% of this material, so I must throw them in the generical garbage.

    Does anyone know if exists fully compostable diapers so that I can throw them in the sorted waste collection or in my private composter to produce plant food?

    A big thank you to everyone who can help me.

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    As far as I know the only 100% biodegradable diapers are cloth ones that you wash and reuse.

    The problem with making a biodegradable disposable is the outer waterproof lining. This lining must stand up to heat, moisture, and movement for a number of hours... so if it were biodegradable it would start to break down the minute you put it on. You also have to consider the fasteners in this... they can't be biodegradable either.

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