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Thread: Songs that sound better when the singing gets worse

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    Default Songs that sound better when the singing gets worse

    So Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did an old school rap review on Jimmy's show last week that was rather fantastic. Afterwards, I went to look up the Biz Markie version of Just a Friend (ie, the version you've heard), and it doesn't sound as good. Why? I think Just a Friend actually sounds better:

    • The less musical accompanyment it has.
    • The louder it's being sung.
    • The more people that're singing it.
    • The drunker the people singing it.

    Compare. Biz Markie's is first. Also, if you watch 30 Rock, see if you can avoid thinking of Tracie Jordin through this.

    Next, Jimmy's audience. Skip to 3:45 if you don't care to see the whole thing. Also, watch for the three girls in front too young to know the song who have no idea what's happening:

    Anyone else feel this way? Know any other songs with the same effect?

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    i literally lol'ed at the three girls who were so lost.

    i don't know if this counts but... scene: late night. bar. "friends in low places" by garth brooks gets played. now that's a song that gets better when the singing gets worse :p

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    "The twelve days of Christmas" definitely sounds better the more people sing it, and the more drunk those people are. It is almost a necessity that people are drnk for the 'FIVE GOLD RINGS' to work properly...

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