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Thread: The motivation is gone...

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    Default The motivation is gone...

    It seems that as of recently I have been having trouble getting into the mood to wear and use my diapers. I've felt this before, but it usually goes away in a few hours. But this, dissapearance, of my motivation has been going on for a little over a week.

    I'm pretty sure that other people have felt this way before and I am just curious as to how long it lasted.

    If you've never flet this way, feel free to comment with your thoughts anyways.

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    Sounds like you're in the purge part of the cycle.
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    You mean the purge part?
    Isn't it:
    Binge: Go crazy wearing 24/7
    Purge: Looking back and hating yourself/being sick of them. Normally taking actions against them.

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    Right, whoops! Lemme edit that real quick LOL

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    The "purge" cycle doesn't necessarily have to be so black and white. It is hard for me to stay padded 24/7 and enjoy it everyday without getting a little board. Sometimes I loose interest for weeks or months. My mind travels to different fancies and diapers take a place back in my mind, until the time is right and I desire it again.

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    Purge cycles can last a long time. After I got married, I didn't participate for 6 years, with a few exceptions. Eventually it came back with a vengeance. Sometimes, growing and maturing can back burner it, and it's possible that you could outgrow it. Anything's possible. My guess is that it will return and be a strong desire. Don't worry about it. Life is a circle.

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    this happens with me from time to time... just go about your business for a while, and randomly, you'll want to wear again.

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    It's happened to me several times and usually lasted a few months. It seemed sort of weird at first, especially when a few weeks before I had been wearing pretty much 24/7. Eventually I decided to ignore the feeling that something was missing and to just enjoy the extra time and money I had from not thinking/worrying/buying/hiding/wearing/changing/disposing or otherwise dealing with diapers.

    After a few months the urge came back over the course of a week and everything pretty much went back to how it had been before.

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    It's happened to me lately; it comes and goes. I'm about a month or so but I suppose everyone is different. I'm still waiting on becoming padded again, or at least having the desire to be. I'm relatively sure that you'll have the desire again soon.

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    id have to agree with most of yall here, it comes and goes as does most of the things in my life

    one week ill do nothing but read
    the next week ill want nothing to do with reading and everything to do with playing games
    this month it happens to be diapers
    ive felt it attracting me back again for awhile now
    i was gone for about 4 months
    just occasionally looking at them and looking at some sites...but mostly just at the back of my mind
    and here i am sitting in a wet diaper typing this up lol
    i have many cycles and currently im in the wanna be diapered while playing some games one
    last week i was reading every minute
    i think that over time you will come back to it but its ok to leave for now i did lol i left for so long i became a lurker

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