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Thread: The brave little podcast!

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    I've never heard of it before, but the production value actually seems pretty good. *shrugs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine96 View Post
    Is this televised?
    No, it's in the form of a podcast, although you can listen to the episodes on their websites. Think NPR for ageplay.

    EDIT: Note, based on what I have listened to (about 15 minutes of one episode), this is a podcast that covers many adult topics. Just fair warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvalle View Post
    So as anyone heard about this abdl podcast?
    The Big Little Podcast
    Yes, I've listened to it since close to the beginning, heard nearly all the episodes so far...
    I recommend the discussion on Age-play and the Media.
    I think it's good (obvsly) but it is for adults only (although, IMO there's nothing in it I wouldn't have wanted my 15 y.o. self to hear, quite the reverse.)
    Somehow it's very comforting to hear other people's voices discussing ABDL :-)

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    Hmm, I wonder if this is the Spacebaby from the old #dpf IRC chat room about ten years ago?

    I would love to reconnect with some of the original folks I spoke with when I first found a place like this.

    Back then I was either TinyTimm or Khaymen.

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    T_T but I'd planned to do something like this... only with TBs. FML -_-

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    Looks like it's run by Space Baby Bob and Baby Mako for the most part. I have seen them around for years. They're good people.

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    The most recent one was about disney, which was cool. Makes me want to go there even more now. I shall be planning on it

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