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    Just like to introduce myself

    I'm 43 years of age in big boys terms but love being a 2 year old toddler since the age of 11 years all started off when I had a car accident and needed to wear nappies (diaper's) for bed wetting a few years later I liked wearing them in the day time for fun and acting as a 2 year old. I like being a 2 year old as I think the toddler clothes are so cute and reminds me of my childhood toddler good times when mother use to pamper me and change my nappies. This is where my roll playing comes in to being a toddler, only had a chance to roll play twice and loved every min of it and hope in the future I will be able to live out my dreams again.

    I live in England and hope to chat to people from England as-well in other places in the world. Apart from being a toddler I love my sea fishing and the outdoors and most of the time my nappies are with me, not 24/7 but almost

    Hope this is ok for my introduction

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    Oh it's fine; and shows some effort. And I am cheerful to see more all grown up littles They need friends and support too! and huggling.

    Fishing, hunh... Sea angling... with a rod? Is that the kind where you wear hip waders held up by suspenders?

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    Thank you

    Yes with a fishing rod and in a boat of beach and on the beach I wear chest waders and a nappy as its a pain taking them off to go to the loo

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    Hiya, welcome to adisc . As I say a lot, it's always nice to see other UKers join the site , we're a cool group for the most part :3. I used to go sea fishing a lot with my dad when I was younger, sadly he gave it up, and I never followed up. Spent many a cold night huddled on a beach till the early hours :P.

    Like I said, welcome .

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    Welcome to ADISC, I still havent went fishing, but i hope one day i can.

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    Thank you for your kind welcomes hope to be a nappy happy toddler here still trying to find myself around but will get there in the end lol

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