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    In about 6 months I will have my wisdom teeth out and I was wondering, if I wet myself going under or coming out of anesthesia, or during the procedure (If I use local anesthetic), will I be put in a diaper?

    It's just an Idea, but I like the sound of it. Would it work?

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    Ummm... no. Anesthesia and Novocain only affect the area that they are put in- the mouth in this case. You would just make yourself look like a fool.

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    *Facepaw* Why do people still think of dumb ways to get diapers. For god sake FAKE WETTING DOESN'T WORK. Just get in a car, bike whatever, go to the store, and buy a pack. "Buck up, or shut the f%$k up" Tallahassee, Zombie Land.

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    because theyre still young and they dont know any better yet thats why ridefort

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    Well, it is a medical setting, so I think that it is a lot better of an idea than wetting the bed or during the day. And in a medical setting they actually have diapers and medical protocals about diapering incontinent patients.

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    But you're not incontinent, and they might just stick a catheter in you, which is nothing like wearing a diaper.

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    I just remembered something from the time I had my wisdom teeth removed: You're not allowed to eat or drink anything within 8 hours before the surgery. So, you won't have anything to piss out anyway.

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    Not to mention, what's the point? You're going to be out cold for the entire procedure. You might not even know what they did to you in the end.

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    Your young to this obviously (no offence) but please think about this objectively, this will make you look dumb like everybody says. There are a large number of threads from people trying to attain a similar goal through similar means, though your situationn is diffrent. The results are never the desired ones, and Alphcore is right they make sure you're empty before they put you under. So please save yourself a ton of grief and don't go through with this.

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    Most hospitals want diaper you due to policy. But you could try this, I had my first operation a few years ago and I was as really worried. So I wanted my diaper for comfort.

    I told the nurse in private that I had a bladder problem, and that I was ok with a diaper. Also that I had a sports injury a few days ago I am to sort for a catheter. It worked then I woke from surgery I was in a diaper. Might work for you, but be carefull as it took some explaining to my wife. She didn't know about me at that time.

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