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    Cool Gday

    Gday from Australia,
    4skinsonly here, apart from being 32-33yo this year, i have enjoyed the adult diaper, or pull ups, goodnites ever since i could wear them.
    i enjoy friends family, friends with benefits & love spendin time with my cats.
    love reading writing & movies.
    an hope to meet some new friends on here.

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    Howdy there in down-under land from up-over land. Welcome to ADISC

    I see you love reading writing and movies...sweet Could I be bothersome by asking what you like about each of them? For me, reading and writing I can do just about anything...within reason. And movies, oh gawd there's only a small list of what I don't like to see XD

    Hope to see you around having fun

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    'ello mate! Welcome to ADISC! Its always nice to have more people here... maybe we have some babyfur dingos!

    Okay... I'm not Australian. I just speak the accent really well. :P

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    Movies are basically the expression of imagination put into film, 1 example, Avatar, or the Last Airbender, before they ever became famous, they of course wouldve had an author that had it all detailed in there head for the enviroment for it to be set in, Books though, is where the imagination can express itself to its own limit, an will always come to a last page or chapter, where movies tend to cover alot of chapters within 1 film

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