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Thread: how to make a diaper

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    Talking how to make a diaper

    no one in my family know i like where diapers so can someone help me out here and tell me how to make one
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    Its hard to make disposables as they are advanced pieces of science, with SAP and other chemicals.

    You could make cloth diapers (which could be disposed of or reused), try googling. You normally sow together a border and then fill it with something.

    Normally finding something to fill them with can be hard but towels are good I guess, maybe you could buy a more absorbent one without much notice?
    As for hiding:
    1. Try to find a 'pattern' (sowing guideline) where the end result looks like a brief you can put in your draws.
    2. Take out the towel/absorbent filler when you aren't using and store somewhere else.

    This makes your diaper life almost invisible unless you caught in action- you will however need plastic pants unless you will take it off after wetting, you could experiment with clingfilm (glue it to the outer side of the sowed diaper?).

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    the thing is i dont know how to sow

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamababyboy View Post
    the thing is i dont know how to sow
    Im sure there are some YouTube vids that can teach you how to, but idk since I don't either. Lol

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    trial and error... use whatever materials you have available..

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    Theres an artical on this site giving some good info.

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    Default - this is full of good info, it's what I used to do before buying disposable.

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    My favorite makeshift method: Get two or three hand towels (The ones that are something like 1 foot by 2 feet unfolded). Lay one towel down flat, fold the other two a couple times and place them in the front, for absorbency. Pull all these towels up around you like a diaper. Then, pull up a pair of briefs over the towels. When you're done, toss everything in the laundry!

    I really love this method. It's quick, easy, and there's virtually no clean-up!

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    Makeshift diapers are what I used between the ages of 11 and 13, before aquiring real diapers.
    The best method is to use lots of paper towels and put them in a garbage bag with two holes made in the the garbage bag for your legs to go through.
    After using the diaper, throw it away in the outside trash.

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