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    Hi everyone

    I feel a bit of lurker as I have been visiting this site for several days without posting as I am not sure if a belong here. I have found the site very interesting.
    I do not know what to refer to myself as. I am not an adult baby or a diaper lover. So my profile says Other.
    Most my life I have been a shorts lover. I have collected many items of school uniform and love wearing school shorts.
    Over the the years I have become a six year old boy who wears school uniform with short shorts. He plays with his toys such as Lego or toy cars or colouring books.
    For whatever the reason one day a few years ago he was put into Drynites like a toddler. I found wetting very differcult the first time but soon began to enjoy the warm feeling of wetting myself. I am ashamed the next day. Many times I have tried to end this habit but a few months later I will buy another packet of Drynites.
    I think this makes me an adult toddler.

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    Hi, shortie. It sounds like you belong here to me. Welcome to ADISC.

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    Welcome, Shortie. Many time, definitions are blurred - no worries.

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    I feel you on the toddler thing, most adult babies have the age they regress to. I'm about 2 and1/2 to 3 still in diapers but can talk and walk when getting in my car seat I buckle up myself but need help getting out.

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    Welcome... You've come to the right place!

    Though most of my interests are centered around diapers; I find myself enjoying a Paci, and sippy cup from time to time.

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