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Thread: Unable to urinate whilst walking.

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    Question Unable to urinate whilst walking.

    Ok so i was walking through the woods on the way home while wearing a diaper and felt the need to pee. Stopped top start peeing and thought i would be able to carry on whilst walking but as soon as i started to walk the flow stopped and i had to stop to finish off. Has anyone else had this experience or can you walk whilst peeing.

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    Another one of those things that takes practice; toddlers wet while walking all the time.

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    It takes time to be able to relax your muscles like that. After a lot of practice, I was able to pee while walking quite easily.

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    i cant pee laying down easly ,but i can standing up ,but you just need to try and keep doing it and it will get easyer over time.

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    You'll get used to it after wearing a while. I can pee walking easily but laying down almost impossible for me

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    I didn't know you could urinate while walking.

    I always thought it was like trying to touch your nose with your elbow.

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    Sometimes I can pee easily while walking. This is usually only when I'm completely alone and relaxed, though. So, I'm pretty sure the problem is within your subconscious mind. The subconscious seems to be very picky about when it's acceptable for you to pee and when it's not.

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    you can practice by various methods; the main aim being to get used to the sense of the relevant muscles being relaxed and your urethra being full. normally, any extra stimulous to the said parts will induce a reflex 'closing off' and you must overcome this in order to do the wee-waddle.
    it's worth bearing in mind that the sub-conscious doesn't think in words and numbers, as the consccious mind does: it thinks in feelings (emotions, instincts, all the senses, etc). so, no point in bursting a blood vessel trying to think yourself 'incontinent', to whatever degree, it's all a case of getting used to the sensations involved and how you can then influence them.

    so, as others have said, practice makes perfect, and you can aid practice by wearing a diaper which causes a bit of back-pressure against the flow of urine. this should cause it to take a longer time to fully empty your bladder and help you get used to the sensations down there. i found that simply sitting a certain way created sufficient back pressure to help attune myself rather than going for a less absorbant smaller diaper. it may hurt at first, as all the parts are stretched and it's advisable to back off at that point. gently does it.

    you can also practice not shutting off the flow, as you would normally whilst urinating. this helps retain some urine within the pipes, getting you used that sensation. the downside is that you may develop 'after-dribble' as a normality. in that case, practising the stop-start method of urination should help regain control.

    and when it comes to actually trying to urinate whilst moving, practice with a full bladder and begin your movements slowly, sensing as best as possible those parts you wish to relax. initially, you'll probably feel an abrupt cutting off of the flow and your sense of this may be heightened by your focusing on the parts concerned. just begin the process again, remembering the difference between the sensations of the open and shut states (that's where the full bladder comes in handy ).

    sharp twinges of pain within the urethra are to be expected as you stretch the parts concerned and you may also feel sudden, unexpected twinges at other times when not urinating. a lengthy period of normal, adult bladder activity should help with such unexpected twinges.

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    Walking I have down for the most part, tho on occasion I have to stop for a moment to get the flow going. Now stairs, those are tricky but doable.

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