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Thread: Does it ever stop?

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    Default Does it ever stop?

    So it seems I'm still moving fast along the spectrum of having a random DL kink to becoming fully immersed in the AB lifestyle. As a result, I have recently noticed that I'm spending more and more time browsing eBay, online AB shops, baby aisles in stores, and of course this fine forum. I'm finding that I become engrossed in looking for items like the PERFECT footed sleeper (still can't make my mind up!), or yet more baby accessories. I really wonder if I'll ever reach a point of not needing any more stuff.

    I guess that my question is: When does an interest become an obsession? Does anyone else find that they can easily lose an afternoon trying to hunt down "just one more baby item"? And is this something I should be concerned about?

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    I think you're just binging at the moment, and part of that is hunting down baby stuff. I went though this for a while and ended up with a fair few ab items, including 4 sleepers and a couple of onesies, not to mention all the other stuff. The most concerning thing is how much you spend on it. I got lots of stuff, built up a small collection, then just stopped :3. I have enough stuff to have fun with, and don't need any more . So there is an end to this specific thing.

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    Oh goodness yes! I have literally spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on baby items just in the last year; dummies, bottles, nappies, AB clothing etc. It definitely becomes an obsession for me where I can spend hours on ebay looking for baby things or will take a trip to a different town to see if their baby shops have anything different to my local town. I have a ridiculous amount of AB gear, to the point where sometimes buying it is more obsession than it even is want; I will buy something just because I don't have it and I can afford it rather than because it is something I really want.

    I think that for me this is part of my binge cycle; it definitely comes in waves, where there may be a week or so where I buy a huge amount of stuff, and then I might not buy anything for a while and then I will buy more things. This tends to coincide as well with the amount of time I spend on Adisc and wearing and indulging my AB side; when I am indulging a lot I also tend to be buying a lot, whereas weeks where I feel less of a need to satisfy my little side I also tend to buy less.

    I don't know if this is something you should be worried about. I embraced my want to buy buy buy baby things, and I have a collection of 300+ dummies and a large number of bottles and sleepers etc, and I like having a lot of choice regarding what I am going to use, but it does impact badly on my finances. It is definitely an obsession for me, but it isn't really an obsession I see as a problem as it doesn't impact on my regular life at all, it's not like I turn down social invitations to stay home and count my pacifiers or search for another bottle online, but when I have spare time I can get sucked into AB shopping. If I ever started to find myself choosing buying AB stuff over my regular life I may start to worry though.

    It might also signal that you are entering a binge (see article: the binge-Purge Cycle, so you might want to just make sure that you are keeping a balance between your AB/DL side and your regular side, and if you think you are wasting too much time/money looking for AB things perhaps try and restrict yourself. Also bear in mind that a binge can often be followed by a purge, where you might decide that you are no longer interested in the AB stuff and want to get rid of all the stuff you bought. If that is the case you likely will want to try and strike a balance so that you are not switching between the two and try to curtail the obession. On the other hand, if you can afford the time/money spent and it isn't impacting on anything else, and you don't believe that you are binging on AB stuff, then there is no harm in browsing for and buying cute things, and you may well find that once you have satisfied your desire for a sleeper and other baby things etc you will stop looking because there will be nothing more you want (although that hasn't seemed to happen to me! maybe I am too much of a girl and just love to shop too much...).

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    In respect to AB/DL, I believe an interest becomes an obsession when you cannot clearly delineate between the AB/DL lifestyle and the "adult" world outside. (Don't show up to a business meeting in footed pajamas). If you spend an occasional afternoon finding "cute" things to support your AB lifestyle, that's fine. When grocery shopping, I find myself almost in a tranquil state walking down the diaper aisle... but I don't hang out there for eight hours, either. ;-)

    If people start ignoring real friendships and real human interaction for diapers, cross dressing, whatever, then I would say they need therapy. Humans are naturally social creatures.

    Otherwise, enjoy your AB/DL lifestyle. I often joke, the benefit I have over being addicted to smoking is the worst thing I will get is a rash. You're not hurting anything. Just keep things in perspective and you should be good to go.

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    If AB stuff starts to negativly impact your life, and you can't stop, then it's unhealthy. Otherwise I think you're fine. It's likely just a binge.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Well I guess I am binging somewhat at the moment, but it normally only lasts for a couple days whereas this has lasted for weeks. I suppose I have been sitting around feeling bored a lot lately, but luckily I'm starting a new job tomorrow so that could be the key to sufficiently distracting myself. Also I don't have to worry about purges (since I accepted myself), I just get a loss of interest so I put all my stuff to one side ready for next time.

    But yeah I totally understand the importance of balance, and will always prioritise important daily tasks first. I just find it surprising when I go on ebay to see if any new items are up for sale, and before I know it, 4 hours have passed!

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    Welcome to my life.

    It's an obsession when you allow it to be, and it's hard not to. It's all about willpower. I almost ruined my life with it. Learn to control it, or don't handle your own money.

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    Well having a binge doesn't realy matter just aslong as it doen't start affecting your normal non ab life ,then its an obsession. All tho im still to looking for the best footed sleeper and the cheapest place to buy diapers ,but i can still do other stuff when i want. Just make sure you dont waste your money on un-needed ABDL stuff.

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    might be somewhere inbetween, what the japanese call otaku

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    I often like to go on line and look, and typically, it follows my binging cycle. It doesn't consume my life, however. There are a number of things I would like to get, and that's what makes life interesting, the fact that there are some things out there I haven't yet tried. The thrill awaits.

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