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Thread: Abriform sizes... what would you suggest?

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    Default Abriform sizes... what would you suggest?


    I just got my first Abriform X-Pluses in the mail today. They're so warm and snug, and they're working out great! They're the most absorbent brand I've ever come across, MUCH better than those store-bought Depends.

    However, I bought Medium size because I didn't know how well they would fit me. As it turns out, they're a bit on the big side. I have a 31" / 79cm waist and they're meant for 70 110 cm / 28"-44".

    Should I go with the small size next time? (60-80cm / 24" - 31") Or do you think it would end up being too tight?

    Any advice is good. Thanks!

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    In general you should stick with a size too big than a size too small. Going small means that the tapes will pop and you'll feel uncomfortable. Try different ways of fastening the diaper on your body, and maybe you'll find a way that works.

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    I think DLGrif has the right idea i mean if you go and buy a smaller size and you think they are a little too small then you have wasted your money. And besides if your waste size is only 31 it sounds like you are only in the middle of the medium waist range which gives your body room to expand or shrink like in the pampers caterpillar flex comershals. Anyway if they fit already i think you should stick with them XD

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    Too big or you put it on wrongly ?

    Learn it at
    Diaper Fans ???: Put on a disposable diaper correctly

    Actually, different people fit into different brands, if you really think the Abriform X-Pluses is too big for you, try another brands would be better than using the Small size.

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    I would stick with the Medium. I've been wearing medium Abris for a long time... even back when I had a 32" waist (I have 34" now). They may seem a bit high-rise... but you'd rather have them a little big than a little small.

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    And if they are bigger you can add stuffers, and make them hold more, this will pull them down a little lower if thats your problem.

    But your better off bigger than smaller anyday.

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    I wear the small size for the most part, my waist is around 28". You have to consider absorbency too, as the smalls don't hold nearly as much. If I were you I'd stick with the medium.

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    I prefer Abriform Extras or Supers over the X Plus ones as they aren't as bulky. The tapes are a bit more flexible too.

    I think Tena Slip Maxi's are even better though that all of these.


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    My waist line is around the same size and I always order medium in adult diapers. They might be a little big by your standards but they are perfectly fine for me.

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