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Thread: Trojen Horuse Virus

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    Angry Trojen Horuse Virus

    I was on youtube when AVG poped up and said it detected a Trojen. I clicked heal and it said that force removeal could damge my pc or even crash it.

    What do I do?

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    I'd force remove it rather then let it stay and do whatever its mission is. Of course I would back up anything I want to keep first in case of the worst thing happening, your hard drive being destroyed.

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    Press Ctrl Alt Delete and open the task manager, go to processes. Usually malware can't be deleted when it's running, you just need to find the file name in there and kill the process.

    I use Avast! Antivirus, I would call it the best. What I really like about Avast is that it detects and stops viruses before they get in your comp instead of letting you know later that you have a virus, good job, Avast.

    You may also want to get the following security tools

    TrendSecure | TrendMicro HijackThis Overview

    Edit: I've had trojans before, trust me, it's not pretty, I think I may have had a discontinued RAT (Remote Access Trojan), I Believe it was called Beast Trojan.

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    I got it off my computer. I went into AVG and ran a full computer scan. It found over 50 tracking cookies, and not 1 but 3 Trojan virus. Once it finished its scan I clicked heal and it said that force removeal of such virus could crash my pc. I risked it and so far nothing is wrong with my pc.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Wipe your hard drive regularly XD and that won't happen back everything up and Wipe it.

    And I've gotten over 300 trojens on my desktop XD

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    I've had a Trojan horse before as well as some other uglies. I wound up re-formatting the hard drive. I still keep running Norton. I've thought about switching, but I've had good luck with the latest version. They problem with it is that it slows down the computer, because it's always running in the back round. But that's what keeps the viruses off in the first place.

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    I still virus scan but I never pick any crap up since I make sure the stuff I download is pretty legit. I think I said this before but I only had about 3 viruses on this computer ever. All the other ones were PC games that the system thought was malware.

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    Well I just finished wipeing my HD.

    I had all my music, pics, and ect. on my slave drive. So I still got all that. Now my computer is lighting fast.

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