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Thread: Sewing a onesie snap back on

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    Default Sewing a onesie snap back on

    Hey, this question may have been asked already, but one of the crotch snaps on my onesie has broken off, leaving a hole where it once was. Does anyone know how I could perhaps put it back on, any method at all?

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    I wish you luck with this, and will watch for any answers with interest.

    This happened to me - my favourite onesie - and it is just ruined without it. I've refused to wear it since

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    Probably remove the snap on the other side. The patch the hole. Then either instal a sew on snap or buy some crimp on snaps and the setter tool from a leather working store.

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    Snaps are usually placed on by a crimping tool, little studs that pierce into the fabric then cinch onto the other side. When it rips, it takes the whole of the fabric it was attached to. The only way I think you could manage, is to stitch the hole together, and try and place a new setting close to the area it was once in. Short of removing the outlining fabric and replacing them, that would be the way to go. You can get snaps and setting tool from fabric stores and the like. Hell, I've found heavy-duty snaps at the local Wal-Fart.

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    first off is to darn the hole. then you can buy your chosen replacement snaps from any haberdashery where you'll have the main choices of sewn or crimped, and metal or plastic snaps.
    if your darning is good enough, you can fit the new snap to that point, but it's generally adivsable to move the fixing point slightly away from the repair.
    the end result may not be perfect, but such imperfections are perfect for recreating the look, feel and idea of real baby/toddler-wear (like, parents don't stop using a onesie just because baby's diaper pops out occasionally - it's part of the cuteness!)

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