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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Thumbs up Hello Everyone

    I have put off doing this for so long now I figured It was about time to get it done with, I guess one of the reasons for putting it off is wanting to remain somewhat unknown but I guess that defeats the whole object of being a part of a community!

    I live in the glorious city of newcastle in the UK and I'm 23, I guess those are probabaly the more important bits of information as it would be nice to talk to people similar in the age and geographical sence. Essentialy though It would be nice to talk to anyone and generaly get to know the whole community better!

    If there was an award for the worst introduction in sure it would be in the post to me right now :p

    P.s If there is anyone reading this who knows how I could go about changing my username I would apprechiate some help with that as it wont let me sign up for another account because my email is already in use!

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    Hello there! Welcome from a fellow North-Easterner and a fellow old fart (23 )

    Very pleased you finally broke the binds of anonymity to join us here - the more input and personality we have around here, the better!

    I think you can change your name either by posting in the Requests forum, or PM'ing a Mod (anybody with a purple name). That is probably lousy advice, so I'm gonna break out my Questions (Dum, dum, DUUUUM!)

    We like to try and get to know more about people who join, aside from the obvious shared interest Plus I like you extra since you're from my area and are my age So...
    ... What hobbies do you have? Are you into sports or a more indoorsy type?
    ... What genre of music do you prefer? Many people claim not to have a 'favourite' per se, but they definitely have a preference in some form!
    ... And what do you do with your life? Work? Study? Don't worry about details - just give as much away as you want to!

    Also, because I'm feeling a little random, some curveballs...
    ... Do you have a phobia of bins?
    ... Do you know what a 'Kate Bush' is, and if so, could you enlighten me as I have idea...?
    ... Would you rather be a vegetarian or a picture frame?

    Welcome again, good luck changing your name and enjoy settling in here. Peruse the forums, add your twopenneth, and don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else if you need any help!

    Dan x

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    Hello Dan and thanks for the name change advice!

    Question wise, here is what I would come up with:

    - I was not brought up arround sports so apart from perhaps the odd game of snooker or pool I don't have any sports interests!
    - Music wise I enjoy Punk, Punk rock, Ska, Emo, Metal and mainly anything with real instruments and a good drum beat! I guess a good indication is that right no im listening to the TV station Scuzz.
    - General life wise my speciality resides mainly in technology, its pretty much what I have done all my life where my hobbies reside as well.

    - Bin wise, I don't like germs so my bin is always clean and taken out frequenty!
    - Kate Bush is a singer and if I had to say what someone was talking about if they said kate bush I would probabaly thinking something in the area of a womans lady parts
    - Vegetarian anyday, I quite like quorn!


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    *applauds wildly*

    Good answers (largely)

    That's quite an eclectic mix of music there - each of them a million miles away from my own mainstream tastes!
    And as a technophile, you'll find many, many, MANY companions here - it seems a common language between our kind Once again, though, I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum. I know very little about tech stuff, but wish I did. I know just enough to impress my parents which leads them to turn to me when any piece of equipment goes wrong.

    ... RE: Binly matters. I'm impressed. I'm terribly lacsidaisicle regarding my bins
    ... Kate Bush is a singer? Ohhhhhh. I had always assumed it was a very thinly-veiled euphemism for a lady bit, yes.
    ... Quorn? Seriously? Ew. I read the packet the other day, it's made from some kind of fungus!

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    The first song that comes to mind with regrads to Kate Bush Is 'Army Dreamers' Which is actualy quite a good song. I do like a lot of 80 music and 2000 dance music as thats what I grew up listening too I guess.

    Quorn is quite delicious, however, it is indeed made of fungus! It mainly absorbs the flavor of anything you cook it with and IMHO had a nice texture. Also according to the advery I just saw on TV it is also very healthy compared to meat as well! Still nothing beats a good steak and peppercorn sauce!

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    Ah good. You've redeemed yourself!

    I only know Babooshka and Wuthering Heights from Ms Bush. I like them both, even if she is a mentalist!

    So... What brings you here? How did you find us? Are you really just DL, or could you be a tad AB-curious?

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    Well part of me wants to get to know some local people and meet people with similar interests (admittedly perferably female but male friends are always welcome). I would say I'm mainly DL but I wouldnt mind dipping my toe into the world of AB as well, though for somen reason I just feel I would prefer to do that with someone else. I guess I just feel I'm im going to act in an AB kinda way it makes more sense for someone else to be there to sort of do "mommy" things. *is no embarased for admitting that*

    Anyway, its late (or early) so I should be getting some kip. It was nice talking to you, I hope I can meet others like you on this site!

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I don't quite have a list of questions like DanDanSuperman, but I can help you with the username problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by takethehatred View Post
    If there is anyone reading this who knows how I could go about changing my username I would apprechiate some help with that as it wont let me sign up for another account because my email is already in use!
    Indeed, it won't let you create another account. Users can only have one active account. Fortunately, changing your username is simpler than changing a diaper.

    1. Go to this link:

    2. Scroll down to username change, type new username, and save changes.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I'm sorry, but we can't give you the award for worst introduction even this month. I hope that won't discourage you from future interactions. I was going to answer the bit about the name change but HogansHeroes slipped in ahead of me so I'll just wish you well and hope that you'll find interesting things to read here and places to share your experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HogansHeroes View Post
    Welcome to ADISC!

    I don't quite have a list of questions like DanDanSuperman, but I can help you with the username problem.
    Aw c'mon - you use the word 'list' like it's a negative thing...!

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