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Thread: wearing diaper 24/7

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    Default wearing diaper 24/7

    i wear the diapers 24/7 even i have some control, but been having lots of wetting issue, would it become weaker if i use it 24/7 .
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    Unless you are actively trying to hold it, you will weaken the muscles over time by using 24/7. But, it will likely take years.

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    Control can become weaker, but I don't htink it has to. Fust becasue you are in a diaper does not mean that you have to abandon all effort to keep on top if the "incontinence gremlin". Many of us have times when we void urine unconciously and other times when we know we have to go and can exercise a measure of control by delaying when we actually "let go". It may be that we cannot hold on long enough to reach a bathroom, or even that we don't want all the botheer of unfastening the tapes of an already wet diaper just to pass a little more into the toilet. I don't think I am unique in finding that the severity and urgency of my incontinence varies for no obvious reason from time to time. The "exercise" of holding it in whenever possible does help maintain whatever control you have and is very different to trying to be in control wearing ordinary underwear - in diapers you don't have the anxiety that accompanied trying ot make it to the bathroom wearing ordinary underwear. For me (and I am not saying everyone should act the same) it is important to try to maximise control because it is still a longterm aim to be continent again.

    I think it's a bit like recovering from a physical injury - if you rely on crutches too much you might never walk again, if you stop caring about controlling your bladder just because you are diapered, chances are control will be eroded - but as others have said it usually will take a considerable time for whatever control you have to be seriously reduced.

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