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Thread: whats a good store brand?

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    Default whats a good store brand?

    So i'm going to do it. i'm going to buy. i want to know witch store brand is the best. i cant order online. i'm 200lbs and 5'9".

    witch store bought brand is better. i wont use it much. no messing.

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    For Belgians I prefer Delhaize brand, better than carrefours but doubt you'll get them over there.
    The brand is 'care' but with the delhaize lion in the logo so probably rebranded for them.

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    no store brands are worth it, if u are gonna go low end on diapers then just go with depends

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    Walgreens brand is pretty good, but so is rite aid, never trust walmart brands those leak more than a hole in a lobster pot(mainer speakin):p so yeah, really any brand

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    yea.. the walgreens and CVS brands are nice for small wettings, but they're more for enjoying when dry, or mildly wet. they are "Breathable", so youre not going to be able to get them in plastic backing.

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