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Thread: Amy Winehouse Dead...

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    Default Amy Winehouse Dead...

    ... Cue uproar and outpouring of grief somewhere between Diana's and Jacko's death.

    I would ask what we think, but I can assume from the Jackass guy thread we had, that the general consensus is that any death is a tragic one.

    Personally, I thought it was only a matter of time and it was totally self-inflicted. She put her body through Hell and it was never going to continue forever that way. I think the biggest shame is that we won't get any more music from her - I do believe her career was at its prime, so... I'm a bit gutted on that side of things.

    I guess its also tragic that she died so young, at 27, and that she fought against advice and guidance all her life. She made so many bad decisions on her own that her premature death was the only foreseeable conclusion in my opinion.

    R.I.P Winehouse. Lived fast, died young.

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    I also feel an untimely death was inevitable. If not today, then five years, ten years from now. Her life was a train wreck. I hope her family finds some measure of closure. I don't care for that genera of music, and her in particular - but I feel for her loved ones. The biggest tragedy of all is to lose a child, I've heard. RIP.

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    She started the mini trend for 60s Blues / Motown influenced female singers, but she was the best of the set.
    I liked her stuff, I wasn't her biggest fan, but it's a such shame she died before she really grew into a truly great singer.

    "They tried to make me go to rehab..."
    Oh Amy, if only you had...
    ‪Amy Winehouse - Rehab‬‏ - YouTube
    another victim of the bottle.

    As Lemmy said "Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse.... fuck that!"

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    Such a soulful singer and performer. Victim to massive drinking. If only she had gone to rehab earlier.

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    I don't want to sound mean but I am not surprised she died. I don't like her that much because of her drug problems.

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    Yup. She just had to, though, really. What a typical twist of irony from her.
    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if, in a drug-fuelled stupor, she'd figured this out for herself and her stupid, broken brain told her it was a good idea - that she deserved - to join. That it would be some kind of... New level of fame or something.

    Who knows what goes on in a mind like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    I don't want to sound mean but I am not surprised she died.
    I don't think anyone is. We are just confused how Keith Richards managed to outlive another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    I don't think anyone is. We are just confused how Keith Richards managed to outlive another one.

    I would claim some kind of witchcraft, but... If anyone ever looked like a witch, it was Winehouse.

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