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Thread: I ThinkI'm In Trouble =S

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    Unhappy I ThinkI'm In Trouble =S

    I think I'm in trouble =S

    I've had to start wearing 'extra protection' ousted the house due to a tummy problem. This is about my 3rd day of wearing.

    I went to Halfords to look at some stuff for my car and before I knew it a big mess was already starting to push its way out into my nappy. I couldn't stop it so I just had to let it come out. =S.

    I am a little worried as nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Can anyone shed some light onto what might have caused this?

    To make matters worse I have no change of clothes or underwear and I am 3 hours from home =[

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    Well, if you've been wearing constantly- or extremely often, you could be slowly developing incontinence. Of course, this takes MONTHS to occur, and there would be a gradual progression. It could just be you're stomach isn't very happy, and is deciding to make you go whenever /it/ feels like it, rather than when you do. My advice is to see a doc if it persists.

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    Might be food poisoning. You might consider checking with your doctor.

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    Sounds like a viral stomach bug, it seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Best you can do is find a boots if possible and buy their stay dry range? Or risk commando? But you want to change asap to avoid infection really!

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    check with your doctor about this mate.

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