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    I bought M3 and M4s, but I find them too bulky. I love the open sides as it makes them cool. I sort of don't care for how it fastens as the velcro will frequently poke and scratch my skin. Is there anything similar?

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    I have also tried Tena Super Flex if I recall. They seemed ok, but again had that same fastener and velcro.

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    Are you able to get the plastic Abenas? Might be better, plus you could get m1 or m2 aswell.

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    I'm not thrilled about plastic for heat and noise reasons.

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    I doubt you'll be able to get non-plastic diapers without the fastener and velcro I'm afraid.

    XP Medical - Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Adult Diapers - they sell the M2 airplus which is less bulky.

    I know there are cloth backed Lille and Attends, but they might only be on sale in Europe sorry.

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    I've tried the Air Pluses which are great! the only velcro on them is a small patch next to the tape. it's a little weird that they have tape and not velcro but i think these might be a good solution. And for less bulk, try the M2 or something like those

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    thats not true actually, ive found that the variety they use at nursing home still have sticky i believe even though theyre cloth backed, wich i think is rediculous but i guess it works for them

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    also if youre wanting plastic shell and just breathable sides maybe try the air active molicares out

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    I doubt you'll be able to get non-plastic diapers without the fastener and velcro I'm afraid.
    Tena Super Brief is clothlike, with a band of plastic on the front for taping. The (single) tapes are long and narrow and very sticky.

    Bulk is very good, maybe M3 level or so. The clear plastic tape land doesn't affect quietness

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