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Thread: Being an uncle... it's a great feeling

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    Default Being an uncle... it's a great feeling

    I don't know if I shared this last year or not, but my youngest middle-sister-I have three sisters by the way- gave birth to a baby girl, my niece- and I'm loving being an uncle. This weekend is her first birthday party and I'm not missing out on her events like I did with my nephews who are now 14 and 11. Plus, they live clear across the US right now in Arizona.

    It's really a great feeling being an uncle. It is. I missed out on a lot with my nephews, and for that- I turly regret. That's why I promised myself I wouldn't miss out on my neice's big events.

    BTW, her birthday is the 26th, but we're doing the party later today. I love watching my niece grow. I can't wait to see what kind of a person she becomes in life.


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    Awh :3
    It's really early cause im up before a family trip, but I kinda feel the way for my smallest cousey lol.
    I wish her a great b-day!

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    I love being an aunt.

    I get to spoil them and send them home.

    My 2 year old nephew will often wander into my house (I live in the same complex as my sister) just to give me a kiss and a hug and tell me he 'lubs' me.

    Happy birthday to your neice!

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    It is a good feeling- my neice had a good birthday but didn't get much from my side of the family, due to the fact my family doesn't have much as my parents are hurting from the recession but I know her PA relations spoil the hell out of her. I was just glad to be at the birthday party for her because I want to watch her grow up.

    Like I said, I missed out on a lot with my nephews and that is something I do regret. Some advice, don't miss out on things because you may regret it years on down the road.


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    That's awsome. I am an uncle to a niece and a nephew, ages 9 and 7 respectively. I don't see them much due to finances and distances. Thank goodness for fb.

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    Being an uncle is a neat feeling... having 4 nephews beneath me, and even honored to be the godfather to my brother's 8 month old. It's actually real gratifying.

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    Great, Iīm an uncle too but I donīt get to see my neice often. Anyways: Being an uncle Is not that bad :p

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    With sisters nearly six years older, when nieces and nephews came along I still was at an age where I wasn't comfortable around babies and toddlers, so didn't get the enjoyment out of being an uncle at the time. Years later, when becoming a dad myself, my feelings towards babies and children completely changed and I enjoyed being around them. Not only mine, but other young children as well. Sad part is, all my nieces and nephews, yes, and now even great nieces and nephews, all live far away and I rarely get to see any of them. Wish I could have had a different mindset when it came to little children back when I was still in my teens and becoming an uncle for the first time. I would have enjoyed having them around.


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