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    Alright.. Ill go ahead and begin with this. My grandparents don't want me taking my Nintendo DSi/3DS or phone to their house anymore because they think I'm on it too much. I feel obligated to go, yet (excuse my vulgarity) it pisses me off that they cut me off from friends, just so we can play rummy or watch a movie, whatever. I thoroughly enjoy going to their house, and on fridays I get to see one of my few friends. From her house I usually go to my dads. This is where I have my main PC access to write my story via his computer. The internet access is where he works, where I have WiFi and later on in the night, a PC with internet. I could go down there only, but then I feel guilty for not going to my grandparents. Just last week, I posted the first chapter of my series, and now I can't even continue anymore. I'm aggravated and I feel trapped, emotionally and mentally. I've been told I either leave stuff here, or don't go at all. I dunno what to do..

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    From what I can gather, I believe your grandparents just want to spend time with you, and not you zoned out into a game or a text message conversation. I know it seems very unfair and all, but just hear me out. If you wanted to spend time with someone, because you love them as a member of your family, and their games kept getting in the way, then the most logical option in their mind is to take away the games. And even if it's just playing rummy or watching a movie, it at least shows they care, so give it a shot. Try just setting down all the electronics, and having a fun time with your grandparents, because when your their age, you might just be in the same situation with your grandchild. You also might just, God forbid, have some fun with them. <That last sentence was sarcasm>

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    Ever heard of pencil and paper? Lack of technology doesn't have to stop you. Just scan it in when you get access to the computer again, do OCR to recognise the text, and edit the mistakes. Done. If there's notes or outlines you need, print them out. Go on, kill some trees. You're going to your grandparents; it's time to kick it oldschool.

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    You could always smuggle your electronics in with you and use them when you need a fix while your on the toilet or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowhawk View Post
    From what I can gather, I believe your grandparents just want to spend time with you, and not you zoned out into a game or a text message conversation.
    This. Emphatically.

    You don't have a ton of time with your grandparents before they're gone. My grandmother died when I was 22 (hated the bitch, so no great loss there), and my grandfather died 2 years ago (thankfully, he flew down and spent thanksgiving at my house a couple weeks before he died)

    They already know this - you apparently don't. Opportunities get few and far between once you head into the real world. Enjoy them while they're here and you have no responsibilities.

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    From what I am reading it seems like it is one night that you have to be without your electronics. I think you can do it. Time with your grandparents is special because they truly could be gone at any point.

    Also you can continue your story, just write it on paper then you can type it in when you have a chance!

    Good luck!

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