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Thread: Bday, what would you do?

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    Default Bday, what would you do?

    So my birthday is tomorrow, it's the first time in 5 years that I'm actually going to be able to celebrate with absolutely nothing stopping me...I have no idea what I want to do.

    I don't drink chilling at a bar won't work.
    I just moved to a new hanging out with friends isn't happening.
    All of my family is off no family to hang out with.
    I have no interest in any of the movies in the theater.
    There are games I want....already have too many that I'm playing

    I was thinking of buying some AB stuff but none of the stores around here have anything I want; buying stuff online defeats the point of having it on my birthday.

    While I ponder this more, here is the question:
    If you had your birthday to yourself and no one to spend it with, what would you do?

    (keep in mind this is an open ended question not a search for an idea. Although I welcome all, what would you do?)

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    Happy birthday for 3 days ago... sorry you didn't get any replies in time!

    I'll be honest, I'd have answered with chilling with games you are already playing - seems like there weren't many other choices left (maybe that's why there were no replies!)

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    happy belated birthday :p . but i could've sworn i replied to this. there wasn't another thread?

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    Sorry for the lateness but happy bday , personaly would of had a day of regression ,or i would of gone out of town maybe see some old friends.

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    I would kill for a day all to myself! No.... I wouldn't really kill for it, but I never get time home alone anymore. >.<

    What would I do with a day like that & what would I need? A pretty dress, good diapers, paci, plushies, sippy cup and/or baby bottle, and various things to do (TV, movies, games, etc.)

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