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    Hello, I have seen countless threads of people questioning what a furry is, how do they know if they're a furry, etc. So I decided to make this thread to help people out.

    First of all, what is a furry?

    A furry, in physical terms, is an anthropomorphic creature, somewhere inbetween human and another animal. This can be anywhere between the two, from a tiger that can talk to a human with bunny ears. Sometimes, furries can also take on characteristics of multiple animals-- for instance, a wolf with eagle wings, or a cat with horns. It is all up to the imagination of the person designing the furry in question. Here is just a completely random example picture of what a furry may look like:

    Another definition for "furry" is any real life person that considers themselves a member of the furry fandom (which I will discuss in a moment).

    How do I know if I'm a furry?

    The fact is, it is all up to you. "Furry" is just a label that you can choose to give yourself, and it applies to a very broad spectrum of people. Not every furry needs to have a fursona (later), and not every furry needs to own a fursuit (in fact, very few actually do). Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing either of these things, they are just varying degrees of involvement in the fandom. Being a furry can mean as little as liking furry artwork. Or, it can't if you don't want it to. You could put on a fursuit 24 hours a day and still not be a furry if you choose not to be one. In the end, it all boils down to whether you consider yourself a member of the fandom. If you are confused as to whether you consider yourself a furry or not, here are some questions to ask yourself:

    Do you like furry artwork?
    Do you like the idea of being an anthropomorphic creature?
    Do you feel physically or spiritually similar in any way to a particular animal?

    Now, what do I do if I'm a furry?

    As I've said before, "furry" is just a label that you give yourself. There is no obligation to do anything in order to be considered a furry. However, if you're looking for suggestions, the first thing that people generally tend to do is come up with a fursona. A fursona is the form that someone pictures themselves having as a furry. You can do literally anything you like. You can pick any animal you like, and color you like, and height, weight, etc... you get the idea. As I said earlier, there is no obligation to even tie yourself to a single animal. You can mix attributes of different animals together, you can even have multiple fursonas if you can't decide. Just keep in mind, your fursona is a representation of you, so pick something that makes you feel like you. Something that you feel comfortable identifying yourself as. now beyond that it still remains all up to personal choice. Some people like to wear collars, some people wear ears or tails, some people buy entire fursuits. Again, there are no obligations, it's all up to what you want.

    What is a babyfur/littlefur/diaperfur?

    It sounds like a broken record at this point, but its all personal preference. These terms directly relate to the AB/DL community. Basically, it's the idea of making your fursona an AB/DL of some kind. Many AB/DLs do this, as it clearly reflects themselves into their fursona. A babyfur would be an infant/cub furry, a littlefur would be a young child, and a diaperfur would be any furry creature that simply wears diapers. It works exactly like the AB/DL community, except it's in furry form.

    I hope this short guide helps people understand that "furry" is a very laid back, broad term that means only what you want it to mean. Thanks for reading.

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    TL;DR, sorry.

    But I definitely think this topic would make a good article.

    Consider doing that, instead/too...?

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    What's an article? lol

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    Thank you for explaining this. I agree with DanDanSuperman. You should make this into an article.

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    Be sure to put this into your article

    Also some more information to add, is to what a Furry is "not" All Furrys are Anthro, but not all Anthro are Furry.

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    With respect to creating an article, the information here is a good start, but would need to be significantly expanded on in order to make a sufficient article.

    As noted in the Article Requests Thread, Near is currently working on a "Guide to Furry" article. Once I have that in hand and have a full grasp of what area will have been covered and which have not, I may revisit this thread to see if there's room to expand what's here into a second article which isn't redundant.

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