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    If I were to buy diapers online. When thr package came would it be obvious as to what was inside? And also what would show up on my bank statement?

    I'm thinking of getting them delivered to my Uni accommodation, would this work?

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    Most packages will come in a plain box and yes it will show on your bank statement.
    Blushing-buyer (last time I shopped with them) came up as a different company within the bank statement but they told me that via T&C.

    Check T&C and if still unsure e-mail them.

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    It will be discreet, but you can probably look through the handle and know what it is. Plus there will probably be markings such as "Medium, 8 12's" or whatever. But no, it won't say "These are adult diapers." Either way, the delivery people won't care. I imagine you'd have more issues with nosy roommates looking through the handles. (Depending which brands you buy, I don't believe my last shipment of Bambinos had handles, but the Dry 24/7's did, as did the Tranquility ATN (8 12's), and Abena X-Plus.

    Good luck, and be well. :-)

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