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Thread: Social interactions and Regression

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    Default Social interactions and Regression

    (Sorry if the title doesn't make much sense but its the best I could think of at the time)
    Ever since I was young I have struggled with anger issues, and regression helped me control myself to some degree.

    So it has been some time since I regressed completely since my Mom found out last month. Since then I have been getting angry really easily and feeling either depressed or irritated with the world. Does anyone else feel irritated like this if they go a while without regressing?
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    Personally, I am just recently getting in touch with the side of myself that likes to regress. Even with that in mind, I still have similar experiences to what you're talking about. Regressing is a really great feeling so I tend to miss it sometimes.

    One thing that I do that helps me is I have things that I think are cute that I can look at and use every day to remind me of that part of myself. For example, when I was in high school, I had a little pin of Roo that I put on my backpack. I since lost that pin (sadface), but recently I bought a Totoro wallet (SO cute, it has totoro and CAT BUS and a dust spec guy inside *huge grin*).

    Not sure if itll help you or not, but you could definitely try giving yourself little ways to let your little side out. Good luck!

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    Absolutely. If I had set aside time to regress and something else came up, I'd feel a strong onset of stress. I would get fairly agitated, something my wife had noticed time and time again.

    As LilPolarBear said, try to find little ways to let your little side out slowly. I like getting driven around sometimes or just cuddling up with a stuffed animal. Maybe even a little quiet reflection at your desk for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes, these smaller measures can help tide you over until you get some time alone to truly regress. Trust me: your time will come again! ^_^

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