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    idk what i did but my gf is pissed all she is doing is ing and i'm getting pissed at her becasue we was having a normal converation and outa the blue she is over everything i say and i canot get her to stop i feel like arg

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    haha! i know what you mean. girls can be really illogical, and unreasonably upset. i think, we tend to overanalyze things. i should know, my boyfriend gets that from me at least once a week, hehe.

    is she having her monthly period or close to? or maybe you said something that she didn't like? or could be the manner of how you said some things? take heart, though, chances are, it's not your fault. she's being emotional. but as a rule of thumb, don't argue. try to be as gentle as you can. just listen and hold her hand. might be helpful to read john gray's "men are from mars, women are from venus."

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    Get her some milk (google Got Milk PMS, it's crazy funny).

    Just deal with it. If it gets to be all the time, sit down and ask her why she is so mad all the time. If you don't find a solution, it may be time to break up, if it's unberable.

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    she has these terible nightmares i was talking to her friend who lives near her (we're 509 miles apart) and he said her nightmares are getting terrible and thats why and apparently i was being a douche (i didn't relize it at the time but over looking everything i guess i was) i've straightened up and everything is good again

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