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    Hi All, I already posted about needing a wee nearly a the time.

    I want to ask though if its a good idea to wear diapers and wet them? I ask this because I tend to need a wee pretty much all the time, and I don't go as soon as I need it otherwise I'd be up and down all the time, but I find I have to concentrate really hard to hold in my wee. My worry is if I wore diapers would I still be able to hold my wee if I'm not in one? I've never wore one as off yet, I tend to wear panty liners or the pads I use when it's that time of the month, if I didn't i think I would have slightly wet pants.
    So really i just ask if I wore diapers will I still be able to hold it even though it's hard enough as it is?
    If that makes any sense?

    Thanks Hol

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    i wear almost 24/7 for about 4-5 months now, or something like that. i can still go to the bathroom without wearing one. i rarely do tho ^^

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    you should be able to but not saying you will but all i can say is try it and if you cannot start wearing 24/7 365 366 on a leap year

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    I don't want to wear 24/7. I just wanted to try them out as it's been something I thought about since I can remember.

    But Im sure I have a weak bladder or an overactive bladder as I need to wee often. I can hold my wee-although I do leak. But it's seems like I have to really concentrate so not to wet myself. Am worried if I did wear diapers I would become incontinent because I would start just letting it out when diapered and then have to concentrate even harder so not to pee when not in one.

    If that makes any sense?

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    that does make sence and if you do it enough your brain will turn off that part and you will lose total control

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    Maybe speak to a professional, I know you might want to have a go with the diapers. Maybe hold back and get this
    bladder weakness thing sorted out. I'm sure you don't want to be incontinent

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    Take Alvin's advice and go see a doctor. Maybe he can recommend some exercises to strengthen your muscles. I heard.. Kegel exercises, is it? I heard those strengthen your muscles around there.

    Just wear a pull-up instead of a diaper, but still try to go to the bathroom. It's like a child in potty training, try to make it to the bathroom; the pull-up is just there if you have an accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogsforlife View Post
    So really i just ask if I wore diapers will I still be able to hold it even though it's hard enough as it is?
    If that makes any sense?
    you should still have control. it takes a fair bit of wearing to either untrain yourself or just associate a lesser amount of control whilst diapered. i've only experienced the latter and the first time was after wearing almost continously for a summer (i was in the pictures, starting to nod off a bit and then i felt a bit come out; and it was one of the few times i wasn't diapered that summer).

    but, males have the additional potential problem of the after-dribble, with them having a longer urethra and the muscles can weaken or lose responsiveness due to a lack of use from not regularly squeezing out the last drops. amongst other things, this is associated with being frequently diapered and relaxed in the use thereof.
    i'm not entirely sure about the female process, but with having a shorter urethra, i think there may potential for a more serious UTI, so it may be an idea to continue to practise 'finishing off' your squirt when diapered; that should ensure that the tubes are emptied and closed properly.

    [on edit] btw, i wrote all that in ignorance of your seemingly irritable/over-active bladder. if you're concerned about that, there are a number of continence advisory services on the net and probably a local nurse with whom you can consult. most cases of minor incontinence are due to a lack of exercise, either of the specific bladder and urinary tract area or of the body as a whole. so, hopefully, you shouldn't have a continuing problem.

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    The more I think about I think I should be okay-I mean I can hold my pee-if the situation araising I can hold it up to an hour and beyond, but it does take concentration. I'll give it ago and hope it doesn't turn out bad.

    Thanks for all the relies and help though, it's much appreciated.

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    As the OP is in the UK it is worth mentioning that the resources at are very informative and useful - not as a substitute for getting medical advice, but for reassurance and guides to most types of incontinence and common treatment options - I would never suggest using web resources to "self-diagnose" but they are very useful for understanding problelms and this site is well respected. It used to have a very useful forum but hte last time i visited this was out of action.

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