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Thread: Do you wear around your family?

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    Default Do you wear around your family?

    I don't wear around my family, because in case I bump into someone...I think you can guess what will happen...

    But my bro is usually home, and he doesn't notice...

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    Have done it occasionally. It is amazing how easy it is to get away with pull up style diapers, even adult size ones. Plus if people don't expect something, they don't tend to notice it.

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    I voted with "yes". In fact, I've even shared a (double-)bed with my brother while I was wearing a (rather noisy Depends brand) diaper a few years ago. However, I should mention that I tried to be very quiet while my brother had been up for over 50 hours at that time and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
    That said, I still wear around my family every now and then when the necessity arises. No one ever said a word.


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    In our house I limit myself to wearing in my bedroom in privacy, outside of the house away from my family no holds barred.

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    I've worn around my family once or twice. It wasn't so bad 'cause usually it's just me and my mother at home and most of the time we're just doing our own thing. Luckily she didn't pat my patootie while I was wearing like she occasionally does either time. XD; So I don't think she noticed.

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    Yes, I do, and quite frequently indeed, given I live in the same house as my parents. It's only a matter of choosing the right kind of clothing and I can get away also with quite thick diapers. But above all...

    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    if people don't expect something, they don't tend to notice it.

    Lately I've been wearing for most of the time I'm at home, and of course it's not like I'm secluded in my private spaces for 12+ hours a day. Not that they don't know about my traditional diaper-behaviour, but it's some years they avoid being nosy, either because I've finally learned how to be very sneaky, or more simply because "you should not investigate what you don't want to discover". Of course I try to be careful to avoid exposing myself in ways such as bending, carrying diapers around, disposing of them, etc... etc... I only wonder if my mother hasn't suspected anything yet from the added weight in the weekly garbage bag...

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    As I'm diapered 24/7... I do wear around my family... and everyone else... I dunno if they've noticed or not.

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    No.... to shy!

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    Nope. I'm afraid they would find out somehow.

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    Diapers and girlish plastic panties,yes.A frilly dress,NO,never.They could not handle it.

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