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Thread: Inspired by teens, created by Pampers :)

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    Default Inspired by teens, created by Pampers :)

    So I was thinking that maybe if we all wrote a letter to the diaper companies like pampers buggies and luvs we could get them to expand their sizes! It doesn't have to be the baby diapers, although it would be nice . But I for one don't like the adult diapers, I mean why would I want to know if it is wet or not?! And there's no way I could fit into a goodnight, plus bambinos and Abu are extremely expendive! So it could have designs on it like a goodnight and be an actual diaper too. What do you all think?

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    I'd do it if I was older. The companies probably wouldn't listen to us though, unless we wrote a LOT of letters. No one can ignore 500 letters.

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    There are a lot of members here though. So it could work... My mom would probably freak out though wondering why I would be writing to pampers lol. She knows about me and has a don't ask don't tell attitude which is good for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamatt View Post
    I'd do it if I was older. The companies probably wouldn't listen to us though, unless we wrote a LOT of letters. No one can ignore 500 letters.
    Politicians do it all the time.

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    If you could get their attention. The first course of action they would take would be a market study of how many older children need diapers. They do have to be profitable. If a profit margin is there, then product design, testing, and marketing campaigns would be next. By the time products came out, you would be well on and into adult diapers. But! That isn't to say we would all love to see them and try them. I honestly think that the best thing for them to do would be to expand the Goodnite and Underjam lines. There are already many youth sized diapers on the market that will cover your butt up to small sized adult diapers.

    Give it a shot though. I'll add a letter in with my story of wetting the bed until 16. I really wished I had goodnites then.

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    Ill definately write a letter, that's all do it if we can. No chickening out guys, working together can make a difference. I know we can if we all try are hardest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    Politicians do it all the time.
    Well, politicians are jerks. Pampers helps babies. Diaper companies are more likely to have souls, or at least read the metric buttload of emails they just got.

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    I like the idea but i think that it probably isn't going to happen though. Unless we all claim to be IC and even then very slim chances. The possible cash out or pay off for big companies i.e. Procter & Gamble isn't very high if they started to make teen\adult sized baby diapers? Thinking that those who are IC would be the intended audience of the product . . . when you think of people with IC generally to them it is bad enough that they have to wear products like diapers which already isn't a society "norm". So why would they want to wear one that also makes them look like a two year old? It just isn't a very wise move company wise or for their company image to start making diapers like that even though most of us here, including me, would really enjoy it. But we can all dream. . .

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    A company that makes baby diapers isn't going to make larger versions of those diapers for adults. Remember that the primary market for adult diapers is people who are incontinent, the vast majority of whom aren't AB/DLs. Generally speaking, people who are incontinent aren't going to want to wear a diaper that's associated with babies so making an adult sized version of a baby diaper doesn't make a lot of sense from a business perspective.

    Also, consider the fact that the AB/DL market (the people who would buy these) is very small. These diapers wouldn't sell if they were carried in stores since there isn't a big enough market for them.

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    But we can all dream . . .

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    Ain't that the truth!

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